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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Well they finally did it, it's now officially against the law to send cigarettes or tobacco through the mail, under any circumstances. This was quietly signed into law by our fearless leader (who can afford to buy smokes at full price) on March 31, 2010. According to the written law, they weren't going to enforce it for 90 days from that day, I don't want to incriminate myself so I'll not say anything about ordering cigarettes from overseas after that date. I sent a very nice email to the company I had been buying from alerting them about the new law, I thanked them for being there and always taking care of us, I apologized for the fact that I would not be doing business with them any longer, thanks to TPTB.

*************START OF RANT**************
At the risk of one of the alphabet fed nanny-government putting me on on one of those "lists", chances are I'm already there for daring to circumventing the economy and writing about it, I have to say to TPTB, just how long do you think you can push us around? Just how long to you think we will sit idly by and allow you to take one freedom after another away from us?  This great nation, the USA, was founded on freedom, personal freedoms, freedom to worship (or not) as we please, and BTW, it says "freedom OF religion, not freedom from religion", leave the 10 Commandments in the courthouse, to those who would be offended, LOOK THE OTHER WAY, no one is forcing you to become Christian, don't try to take away MY RIGHTS to worship IN PUBLIC and no matter what you do or wish you could do, you can NEVER change the fact that this country was founded upon God. 

We have the right to come and go as we please, to live and thrive without government intervention, to earn a living and be happy. Freedom to own firearms (for protection from criminals, including those in elected and appointed office). We have the RIGHT to all of those things and more, we even have the right to screw up from time to time, we don't need the government dictating what we eat, how we enjoy ourselves, how we relax, and much much more. Just BACK OFF before your fingers get bitten off, Damnit! I didn't start this blog to be political, you have forced this upon me, you pushed and pushed and I'm quite frankly tired of it, this corner is getting pretty tight and I'm running out of room to back away from you. I'm tired of the various alphabet agencies visiting my blog, if you are just an employee who is personally interested, then visit on your home computer, and leave me alone while at work.  This does not include any branches of the military, I have great respect for those serving in the military, I know I have several people in the military who visit me, you are quite welcome to visit any time you want.
**********END OF RANT***********

Oh, this is supposed to another way to keep minors from buying cigarettes, BS I say! It's all about the money, the taxes the feds weren't getting because of people buying from Native American reservations and buying from overseas, this is going to put a big hurt on the Native American cigarette suppliers, not to mention the pocket books of millions of poor Americans. Since this was done so quietly, I have to wonder how many people who don't know about this new law, will find out about this new law the hard way, with a knock on their door from the ATF, or if they are lucky, just a threatening letter in the mail. I understand that ignorance of the law is no excuse, but damnit! When something has been legal, then it's made illegal under the cover of darkness, with no fanfare, no announcements, nothing to alert anyone that this has happened, the fact that it was done is major BS, the way it was done should be criminal.

BTW, if you want to see which Representatives approved it and who apposed it, go here:
Yeah, I'm pissed, but now that it's a done deal, like it or not, I have to go forward. Yes, I would love it if PB stopped smoking all together, it would be better for his health and better for our pocketbook, but until he decided to do that, my job is to find ways to supply him with what he needs without hurting us financially.

One way is to grow my own, I have a bunch of tobacco seedlings started now, of course there are no guarantees that any of that will work out in the long run, I'm giving it my best shot, the biggest problem is the time it takes, it will be at least 3 months before I can even think about harvesting the leaves, then they will need to be processed. I ordered a book all about growing your own tobacco, you can read my review here.

Another alternative that is still legal, for now. is e-cigarettes. I know you must have heard about this. I had been looking at this for quite some time, but couldn't get PB on board to try it. Honestly, all the ones I had read about came from China, and that, quite frankly, scared me. With all the problems about products coming out of China full of toxins and outright poisons, there was no way I was going to buy something like e-cigarettes that originated from China.

About a month ago, a friend told PB about an e-cigarette that she had been using and seemed to really like, they also have a great deal on a starter package, right now it is under $30.00 with free shipping. I was surprised when PB told me about this, surprised because he had never been interested in this sort of thing before. I quickly ordered the starter set before he could change his mind! (grin).

It arrived in pretty short order, but so far PB hasn't tried it. I am going to prompt him to give it a go soon, he will be running out of the cheap overseas cigarettes eventually and I want to know for sure if he likes these or not, if he likes them, then I need to go ahead and order more cartridges. When PB and I were talking about using these e-cigarettes, he told me that he would consider stopping all together, and that these might be the way for him to do it. I nearly teared up when he said that. This has been my dream for him for many years, but I refused to nag him about it. The most I ever "nagged" about it was several years ago, for Christmas, I purchased nicotine patches, steps 1 and 2, I gave them to him and said that he didn't have to use them, but they would be available if he wanted them. The boxes were put in the bottom drawer in the bathroom and every now and again, I reminded him that they were still there.


If you are interested in trying out e-cigarettes, please support this site by purchasing through my link, I do get a small commission from any sales generated through this site.

Unfortunately he never used them, they have long since expired, I don't know where they are now. But with the positive nod toward these e-cigarettes, I have high hopes. Even if he doesn't stop, if he would use these instead of real cigarettes, it would be cheaper and healthier for him. I pray that this works.

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