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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Got Hot H2O

Living off grid, on the cheap, requires sacrifices, you do give up some conveniences. Some of the things I didn’t have when I first moved to my off grid home were running water, unlimited electricity, heating, much in the way of furniture, refrigerator, internet, phone, solid walls (grin)… and hot water...

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  1. How do you like your tankless water heater? We'll have to get one but hadn't decided which one to get... of course $$ is a factor!

  2. I love mine, you can get the same one I have for about $120.00 +/-, I have a link above (on the blog), it's the exact same one I have, if you go through that link, I get a few dollars for it, otherwise, look around. It's well worth the $$$s, especially if you are like we used to be, without hot water at all! :)



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