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Friday, June 1, 2018

One More Radiator

I had an "encounter" about 3 years ago with an elk cow while driving my truck at about 50mph. Fortunately the damage was not severe and I was able to drive home. It did rearrange some of the front end of my truck, my air conditioner condenser was ruined and it pushed my radiator about 4 inches back toward the engine.

My original radiator wasn't damaged to the point where it wouldn't work, PB did some work to corral the things up in front that were no longer properly attached where they should be. The repair lasted quite a while, then last January my radiator finally sprung a leak and had to be replaced.

Now, fast forward to this week, Tuesday to be exact, I was heading to work, I stopped by the mailboxes by the main highway, it's a near 6 mile drive to get that far. I saw a friend there, I hopped out to speak to her and check my mail. About 10 minutes later, as I was about to get back into my truck, I noticed green fluid dripping from under the front end.

That meant only one thing, I wasn't going to work that day. I pulled a U-turn and went straight back to the SkyCastle to get PB. The leak wasn't major so I didn't lose too much fluid, but I definitely wasn't going to be driving around west Texas, especially in the heat we are having right now.

I couple of phone calls later, I had another radiator lined up 2 towns over and scored a ride with a friend to go pick up the parts. I will admit that it was nice to be riding in big truck with air conditioning! Some day I'll fix mine, but for now, I'm just not willing to part with the $$$.

I spent the rest of the day watching about half of my neighborhood working on my truck, it truly was a group effort! I greatly appreciate my neighbors/friends, they really come together when it's time to help. The photo shows 3 of the 4 men who worked to get my new radiator installed.
It was Darryl, Dale and PB, Rex showed up later, everyone had a part in working on the truck (Thanks everyone!!!!). The reason the first and second radiator failed was because of the frame that holds the radiator secure had broken at the bottom (from the original damage caused by the elk), it allowed the radiator(s) to move and rubbed a hole in the bottom. A bit of reconstructive surgery on that part and I don't expect my radiator will move like that again.

It was imperative that my truck be running by the end of the day, I had a "date" with my glasses boss the following morning at 8:30 in the next town over. We had some work to do in a couple of stores and he was coming from Lubbock, I couldn't bow out of it.

Fortunately, I was able to get on the road the following day with nary a drip, the gauge read in the perfect range (it's the upper gauge)

I feel very blessed to have a great hubby (PB) and great friends. I did have to rearrange my jobs for the week, but got everything done with no problems. Now it's time to enjoy the weekend.

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