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Monday, May 13, 2024

Lost another good one...

I just learned a bit of sad news (more melancholy), I found out that John Wells, of the Field Lab persuasion (https://thefieldlab.blogspot.com/) passed away from pancreatic cancer early in this year. I originally learned about John about the time we were going off-grid back at the tail end of 2007, we heard an interview on Marfa Public Radio about this transplanted New Yorker going off-grid down in Terlingua Texas, quite a bit south of us. I looked him up, we connected immediately but for various reasons, we never met face to face. I enjoyed following him on his blog, I'm sure he read my blog (I like to think so). We followed each other on FaceBook as well.

Even though we shared a lot of the same ideas, living off-grid, being conservative, our religious beliefs,  and some of our politics, but one thing we didn't have the same mindset on was medical/health things. He considered many of my ideas on "alternative" medicine to be conspiracy theories. Sadly that caused enough of a rift between us that we both stopped following each other as closely as we had before, thus the reason why I'm just now learning about his passing. 

This has made me (again) wonder about why people who are diagnosed with cancer tend to die so quickly after the diagnosis, certainly not everyone across the board, but enough that it sticks with me. I am utilizing some of what John would consider conspiracy theories to up my health, I am very much opposed to going to see doctors "just because", if I have a condition that requires medical intervention that I can't do myself, such as a broken bone, a serious infection, things like that, I'll go see a doctor. But for everyday health-related stuff, especially things that I consider proactive, things like eating better, moving more, taking supplements (good ones, not the garbage they sell in many stores that just gives you expensive pee), doing the things that are going to improve my gut health and immune system, you better believe I'm doing all of that and more. I also stopped using things topically that are not good for my body, things like antiperspirants, I changed to deodorants then went to natural deodorants, I don't use anything that contains fluoride, I am super careful about what ingredients I'm applying to my body, your skin is one of your largest organs and anything you apply to your skin will be absorbed and "ingested" by your body.

I don't write much about these things, just touching on them here and there, mainly because I don't wish to have any extra attention placed on myself by the "powers that be". I also don't want to send someone down a road that would be not as good for them as it was for me, we are all different and honestly, it's not hard to research once you are willing to see beyond the filter of Google, the FDA and other alphabet agencies who don't have our best interest at heart. It's sad that artificial sweeteners (think sucralose, aspartame...) are considered good yet raw milk is considered bad and even illegal by the powers that be, just think about that for a minute.

This just confirms my feelings about doubling down on some of the things (I can't write about) that I am doing to counteract the things that happen as we age, I know I can't live forever, but I want the life I have left to be as good as it can be. 

Well, I'll end this here, and wish a good RIP to John Wells of the Field Lab, I have no doubt as to where your eternal soul went/is going. 

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