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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Updates and random pictures...

This week has been a very light week, my work partner and I got all of our work done on Monday, for the entire week! So this week has been almost a vacation...

A couple of weeks ago, PB's brother and friend came in for a visit, a bit of a surprise visit, that's fine though, they are fairly low maintenance guests and they helped PB around the sky castle, they even got in on some bridge building.

I made my monthly pilgrimage out to the big city (3 hours away) on Tuesday but didn't do much shopping this time, I just picked up some staples, a 25 lb bag of sugar and 4 big creamers from Sam's, I tried to find some black polo shirts at WalMart, but they had every color BUT black, so I'll order them from Amazon, I found Dickies black polo's for around $10, so I'll snag a few of them. I wear these to work, the companies want us to blend in with the employees there, which is somewhat confusing to the customers.... oh and I have learned a few Spanish phrases for when I'm on the border, there are many non-English speaking customers, I know how to say "I don't understand Spanish", I decided I needed to know how to say "I don't work here", so I got on Google and found the phrase, including the pronunciation "No trabajo aquí" or more properly "Yo no trabajo aquí". I haven't had a chance to try out my Spanish on anyone there yet, I'm sure I'm butchering the pronunciation, but it will get the job done, or at the very least, allow me to get my job done :)

One of the things I got done this week while work was slow, I took Casper (Raggmopp) to the vet to get a check up and get his shots, I am mainly concerned about rabies with him, he is allowed to roam around, he doesn't go far and he is very well behaved, he mainly goes to visit the neighbors, but while outside of the fence, he is exposed to more risks than Zoe is, so he got his vet visit first.

He was very VERY well behaved, it was my first time taking him anywhere, I had never put a collar or leash on him, he seemed to enjoy the whole thing, he stood very still for me while I leashed him up, he acted almost proud that he was getting leashed up and taking a trip. At the vet, he did very well for his exam and shots. I now know he isn't a problem for car trips.

Here is a random shot of the small gate, it is painted red and looks quite interesting, especially in the semi-wet of a late summer/early autumn shower.

Here is some history, this plant is garlic chives, I originally planted this when I was a pre-teen in my dad's backyard, the seeds you see here are the direct descendents of that original plant, I dug it up before moving away and have kept it alive and thriving every since, I may be incorrect in calling it descendents, it is actually part of the original plant I grew, dug up, divided and brought with me.

Here is another shot of the sky castle.

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