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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

E gads, Building, Politics, Religion and Buying Stuff

I'm pretty excited on a couple of fronts, first, PB is working on an addition to the sky castle, it started out as the deck on the west side, he expanded the deck then built a room on the end of the deck, this room is separate from the main part of the sky castle, it's a smallish room, meant to be used for storage and such, it can also be used as a guest room during warm weather, I wouldn't put anyone out there during winter without a majorly thick blanket. :)

Next I'm excited about voting day, yeah!!!! I haven't been this excited about voting in a long time, the biggest thing I'm excited about is I don't have to leave the neighborhood to vote, they are having it in a local church and I'll be there. I'll not discuss who I'll be voting for here, if you want to learn that, you'll have to go to my political blog.

Most of my wonderful readers are aware of my recent baptism, I've been a born again Christian since I was a teen, just didn't do the dunk until now. Since the baptism, I have been attending our non-denominational community church, I enjoy every part of it with one exception, the music. It's a bit on the dry side, and that's being kind. Not saying it was bad, the pianist played very well, just slow and sedate. The churches I have attended (regularly) in the past had great music, in fact the church I was saved in, the preacher had formerly been a honky-tonk bar owner, he played honky-tonk style piano, think Great Balls of Fire!, I also come from a very musical family, so I really wanted to spice up the music in church. I talked to our pastor about this and he asked me if I was volunteering for the job... the thing is, it's not a good to complain about something unless you are willing to do something about it, so yes, I volunteered, with the help of a couple of other friends who attend the church and feel the same way I do about the music.

I've never done anything like this before, but that never stops me from trying anything! I chose a variety of gospel and praise music, most with vocals, some without. I had a test run last Friday with a few people, I wanted to test out the music and the equipment at the church, it went very well, everyone enjoyed the music, everyone sang, clapped and moved around, exactly the way I had hoped it would happen. Next Friday, we will be having the first official praise and worship service, I hope a lot of people will attend, I suspect some will come just to see what this will be all about, I hope they enjoy it as much as I do and will keep coming back. It doesn't matter the number of those who attend though, if only those who came on the test run are there, I'll be happy.

Now to my next excitement. I have been pretty busy lately, cleaning houses for people, I now clean for both churches in the community, this is why I haven't been writing much. I prefer using fewer chemicals when I clean, I rely on microfiber cloths to do a lot of the cleaning, they don't require chemicals, just water, and they work great. Many years ago, I purchased a really good Microfiber Mop Kit with Aluminum Pole and Two Pads and I love it, I have had a couple of people want it, you can't find these in stores, only on line. I have seen some cheap knock-offs in stores, have even used a couple, they don't work as well, in fact the cheap ones I have found in the stores are horrible, the handle breaks, the pad doesn't pick up very well, the way the pad attaches to the mop is substandard.

A few weeks ago, I saw a commercial for a Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Kit, it is designed like those Swiffer mops with the liquid cleaner and disposable pads. The difference is the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Kit uses microfiber pads (no disposable pads to throw away and have to repurchase) and it has a plastic bottle that you can use plain water or fill with water and a couple of tablespoons of the cleaner of your choice (so you don't have to purchase the proprietary Swiffer cleaner liquid). I can't wait to get this, it's supposed to come in next week, it is OK to get this excited about cleaning? LOL!

This mop kit comes with the mop handle, 3 microfiber cleaning pads and a refillable bottle, you put the pad on the mop, you put plain water or water with a little bit of cleaning fluid of your choice (I'll probably use ammonia), the bottle fits in a receptacle on the handle, there is a trigger on the handle you squeeze to spray the water/cleaner, then you mop. I like the idea that I'm getting more pads with this kit, it will save me from having to rinse the pads during mopping, when you use these microfiber mop pads, you have to rinse the pads from time to time.

I checked the Rubbermaid website and found they don't sell the kit, just the separate components, the mop (includes 1 pad and a bottle), the pads and the bottle, if you purchase everything it takes to make the kit from Rubbermaid, it costs significantly more plus you pay for shipping, if you go through the link above or below, you can get the kit (mop, 3 microfiber pads and bottle) with free shipping for significantly less.

I think if you use a Swiffer and you like it, you will love this!

I purchased another item, but that I'll keep under my hat for a while, I'm going to try it out, I hope it works, I'll post something about it later. I'll give you a hint, it has to do with smelling fresh and clean all day, it's completely natural, no chemicals are left on your skin or get on your clothes, and it never runs out.

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  1. Wretha,
    That is awesome what God is doing in your life. Keep trusting in him, he can move mountains and people. I will keep you in prayer about your new music adventure. I am on my own prayer adventure as well.



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