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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Mop Came In! Review

It finally came in, no I'm not complaining about how long it took, especially since the shipping was free (it took less than a week), I just couldn't wait to get it! I used the mop yesterday, at the church where I clean and at a lady's house where I clean. I am so impressed with this mop, it works even better than my original microfiber mop. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mop!

When I received the box from UPS (thanks Bobby! You are the best!), the box looked too small to contain this mop. I opened it and discovered the mop handle is shipped in 2 parts, there were no instructions in the box, but it was pretty simple to put the two parts together, they snap into place. In the box I found the handles, 3 microfiber mop pads, and 2 bottles, I only expected to get 1 bottle, it was a pleasant surprise to get 2 bottles. After going back to Amazon and looking closer, I discovered that you are supposed to get 2. After playing with it for a bit, I washed the pads, you need to do that with any new microfiber product, otherwise you will leave a trail of microfiber dust the first time you use it.

When I got to the church, I swept the floor in the kitchen then I got to work with the mop, I had already filled the bottle with water, up to the first line that is nearly at the top of the bottle, I put in ammonia up to the second line, which ends up being a couple of tablespoons worth. It fit right into the receptacle on the handle with no dripping. The mop is balanced pretty well, though it does weigh a little more than my original microfiber mop. I pumped the trigger on the handle a couple of times to get it going. It began spraying a near perfect rectangle of liquid on the floor just in front of the mop head, the spray pattern was about the same size as the mop pad, not too much, not too little. On the first swipe, I realized that this was working much better than my original microfiber mop, it cleans better and picks up more dirt and liquid, I attribute that to the fact that the pads are much thicker. That means I will not have to rinse the pad as often, that is something you have to do with microfiber mops, just the same as you do with any mop, after you use it so long, you have to rinse them. With this mop, since it's thicker, it doesn't require rinsing as often, and since I have 3 mop pads, I just change the pad instead of rinsing. The only place I know of that you can get the whole mop kit with the extra pads and extra bottle, is through Amazon, if you buy direct from Rubbermaid, you get the mop with one pad and one bottle, you have to pay extra for more pads and bottles, plus you pay for shipping, through Amazon you get the whole kit, mop, 3 pads and 2 bottles with free shipping, that's the best deal I have found to date.

I used it on the floor, then put on a new pad and went to the glass doors (next time I'll do the glass first, that way I can continue using the same pad on the floors), I sprayed the ammonia water on the door and mopped the doors, inside and out. They came so clean! And no streaks, it dried perfectly clear, I also used it on the sliding glass doors on the front of the church, again with near perfect results. Makes me wish there was more to mop in the church! When I left there, I went to my friend's house where I clean, there is much more to mop there. Again, it worked perfectly over there, I used the mop head that I used on the glass at the church, it was clean enough to use on the floor without rinsing beforehand. So far everyone who has seen this mop wants one, one of my friends did buy one a few days after I ordered mine, she also ordered a dust mop head for hers, I wish now that I had gotten one of those too, perhaps next time I order from Amazon, I'll order one of those.

I give this mop a big thumbs up. It works like a Swiffer mop without having to buy refills of the pads and the cleaner.

One warning, do not use chlorine bleach in any way with microfiber material, it will destroy the material, that goes for any microfiber product you are using, and when you wash them, do not use fabric softener with them, it will soak up the fabric softener and will not pick up anything else after that, in fact it will make streaks where you use it. It's OK that it has static cling, and it will when you take it from the dryer, that helps the cloths work even better when you dry dust.

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  1. My youngest daughter cleans houses and businesses (she's the Eco-Friendly Housecleaner), and I promised I would check this mop out for her. Thanks for the review!

  2. I think your daughter would be more than pleased with this mop, you can even use plain water if you want, though I recommend using a little cleaner, ammonia is my cleaner of choice.


  3. Wow, I love your new masthead. It's beautiful!

  4. Ahhh, I assume you are talking about the background, you might recognize the mountain, it's a well known one, please don't name it though. :)

    It started out as a photo, then I Photoshopped it to make it look like a painting, I didn't use a filter, I used a "brush" to brushstroke each and every part, I wasn't happy with any of the filters. Some day I'll do that with a photo of our place and put it here, for now, I'm happy with this one. Glad you like it.



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