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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Prodigal Son

Many years ago, I found a great gospel piano player and singer, Keith Green, his songs are like mini-stories told from the heart. Unfortunately for the rest of us, he was taken all too soon in a private plane crash in '82. Fortunately his music is still alive and well and still touches those who listen.

As part of my new music ministry I often choose at least one Keith Green song to play, this time I chose a song that is not found in any hymnal, it's called "The Prodigal Son", this song always brings tears to my eyes. While looking around the internet, I found a video, a mini-movie played to this song, it really brings this Biblical parable into the 21st century, please play this video, listen to the words, I hope you are as touched by this song (and video) as I am.

The Prodigal Son by Dean L Bauman from dean l bauman on Vimeo.

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