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Friday, June 3, 2011

Fire Update

As you can imagine, I didn't get much sleep last night, though I was confident that if the fire began coming back, the firefighters would let us know, they stayed at my church all night watching the fire, you just don't fight fires in the brushy wilderness at night, God bless each and every one of them.

Around 3am, the wind shifted, it wasn't a strong wind, just a couple of miles an hour, that brought the smoke into the neighborhood, (I just heard 4 airplanes go over, I didn't get up to see them, I know they are fighting the fire), I read that last night the fire burned another 500 acres overnight. I went to bed shortly after that, but had a hard time going to sleep with all the smoke in the air.

This morning the wind shifted back in our favor, (here's another airplane going overhead, this time I went out and looked, it's the spotter plane circling around the fire). It's an odd thing to hear so much air traffic, we might have a small plane a couple of times a month, and the occasional helicopter, it's quite the sight (and sound). The firefighters started back up fighting the fires this morning, a few friends sent me some pictures, the pictures are big, click on them to see the full size. The last one, if you zoom in, you can see how close the fire is to a home. I believe we are going to be OK, there are lots of great firefighters and equipment fighting this fire, the winds are light and the humidity is up.

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  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all who possibly face danger. God bless the firefighters!

  2. Thanks Momlady, it's been pretty quiet for a while, I just hear an occasional plane in the distance, I'm hoping that is good news, I'll be going out driving to a friend's house in a bit, I'll be able to see better then.


  3. Echoing Momlady's prayer. I hope the rains start soon.

  4. Yowza. Good luck to y'all and I hope the wind stays in your favor!

  5. Do you have water available to wet things down around your place? Good Luck

  6. My friend, I do hope the winds stay on your side and continue to blow in a favorable direction for you!

    Prayers for your safety and well being!

  7. Tejano Canyon Fire is about out finally...how did you come through it?


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