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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Going On A Diet

I admit it, I needed to go on a diet, when I hit 301, I just couldn't add any more...

...blogs to follow. What, did you think I was talking about something else??? hehehe

It seems that the magic number to hit the maximum blogs to follow is 300, or perhaps it's 301, in any case, it was high time to do some house or rather blog cleaning. Blogger doesn't make it easy either, I continually get an error message when I try to manage my blogs from the dashboard, up until now I have just ignored it and kept adding more blogs as I found them. I went so far as to leave a message on Blogger help, not that it does any good, I found pretty old messages on there asking about the same thing, with no answers...

It is possible to unfollow a blog by going to said blog and clicking on follow, it will tell you that you are already following said blog, and asks you if you would like to stop following. That only works if the blog still exists, personally I think Blogger should automatically remove these vanished blogs from the follow list, why make me jump through hoops to unfollow something that no longer exists? And you can't unfollow non-Blogger pages, again it has to be done though the manage link...

I finally decided to try a different browser, Chrome, and it allowed me to go to the manage page, I was able to pare down my 301 blogs to 226, I will admit that I added 3 or 4 too, some of the blogs I followed grew up and got real domains and real websites, so as I removed the defunct blog I had to add the new site.

Some of it was a bit painful, like looking up old friends only to discover they died a year ago and I'm just now finding out. Some of them, I had to wonder what was I thinking at the time? I'm sure there was something that caught my eye that day.

My criteria for unfollowing, if the blog or page doesn't exist any more, if it's been a year (or two) since the last post, if it's been a month or more and the last post was apologizing for not posting for a year..., if the site completely changed from what interested me in the first place... or I just lost interested in said blog or site. There were a few that I would have liked to continue following, but they became private blogs and I wasn't invited to play, so I had to say good bye to those. :(

There were a precious few that even though they had no current posts, the info contained there, the history was valuable and worth keeping a link to, of course it's quite possible that next time I go on a blog following diet, those site may not exist any more.

Sorry if you are the owner of one of the blogs deleted from my list, on the other hand, if your blog made the cut, rejoice, or not :)

Oh, one more thing, I haven't mentioned this (I think), I thought I'd throw it in here, if you are still reading... I signed up for a site that pays me in gift cards (or cash through PayPal) for doing really simple things, things like watching short videos and clicking on a button, I'll not go into detail here, if you are interested, go to my other site http://you-need-this-now.blogspot.com/ and check it out, if you spend time on the internet on a daily or semi-daily basis and want to earn some extra dough in the process, check it out. You will not get rich doing this, not unless you have a LOT of friends who will sign up, but if you play daily, you will earn some extra $$$s. It's all free, completely free, and no spam either, I haven't paid anything to play, and the only emails I get from them are one (and occasionally two) emails with more points to earn, all free. If you do sign up, and I hope you do, be sure to complete your profile, that will allow you to earn even more points, and points = money.

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  1. I had to go on the same kind of diet ;-) and I only keep the one's I really like, but have you noticed that Blogger tends to change the ones posted? I don't like that...I am looking forward to more of your dental story part 2.

    1. Thanks Amy, I'm not sure what you are referring to about Blogger changing posts... I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary, perhaps you could elaborate. :)

      I am am about to start a trial using 2 different oral health products, I have one already, I am waiting for the other one, I'll write more about both of them soon, I have really high hopes for both products, if they work as advertised, it will be something that just about anyone can use and the prices are good for both of them.



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