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Monday, February 13, 2012

Second Part of the Dental One-Two Punch

I have been teasing you with the other part of my one-two punch dental plan, this is actually what got me started on this. I listen to and follow several alternative health podcast websites, one of them is called OneRadioNetwork, I get an email a couple of times a week letting me know who they are interviewing next. I am especially interested in the dental shows, I have learned that the silver amalgams that used to be used to fill cavities (I HOPE they aren't using those any more!) are very toxic and unfortunately, I have several of these in my mouth. I have also learned that drill and fill are not the "be all-end all" of dental treatments. I have learned that it is possible to remineralize your teeth, and actually reverse cavities, I don't know if you can do that for large cavities, but certainly for the smaller ones.

I listened to a podcast interview of Dr. Mark Manhart, DDS, he has been a practicing dentist since 1962, he believes in and practices healing rather than the barbaric methods used today. His secret? Calcium and zinc.
You can listen to the audio podcast here or click on the link above to go directly to the page and listen, it's just under an hour, I believe you will get a lot from it.
This is what really piqued my interest, I like the idea of non-surgical dental therapy. I purchased the Calcium/zinc kit and the Calcium Carpule System. I'll explain more about each of these in a follow up post, for now let's just say that the prices for these products were in the very inexpensive range, if they work as advertised, they are well worth twice the price.

I have learned that in order to remineralize or rebuild the enamel on your teeth, there are some very common dental product ingredients that you need to avoid, this will actually prevent remineralization, namely glycerin, it's an ingredient in many dental products, toothpaste, rinses and such, glycerin coats your teeth and prevents remineralization, it stays on your teeth for a while after using it, I've read it can take up to 20 rinses to remove this glycerin layer. Just do a search for this and you will learn more than you ever wanted to know about it
click here for search

Before considering using anything on my teeth or in my mouth, I read the ingredients, if it contains glycerin, I put it back on the shelf, period. It's not worth it to me to use something that will coat my teeth and prevent my teeth from remineralizing naturally.  I've been doing this for a number of years, while I haven't been to a dentist in many years, I don't believe I have any cavities, or if I do, they are small, I believe one of the reasons is that I stopped using anything containing glycerin. I also don't use fluoride,  it is a well known toxic waste product and it is not needed, for the record Periogen does contain a small amount of fluoride, a very tiny amount, it is used in the process of removing the tartar, not for "strengthening" teeth, I am willing to use it for now. Their website says:
Periogen has fluoride; how much?  Why?
Periogen contains a small percentage of sodium fluoride ions (.04%) in order to have a guaranteed ion source to facilitate tartar dissolution.  Typical fluoride toothpastes contain about .24% sodium fluoride, or 6 times as much. 

you can read more about that here:

So here it is, my one-two punch on dental health care, I'm trying both of them now, one to remove tartar and the other to heal my teeth and gums. I'll keep you informed as to how these are working for me. What I can say now, 3 days into using them is, so far so good. :) 

Disclaimer, I am not a health professional, nothing written on this page or website is meant to diagnose or treat any health issues, this is not meant to replace any medical professional's advice. I am only telling you what I am doing and what is working for me, follow at your own risk, I am not responsible for any damage, health issues or worse as a result of you trying anything I am using or writing about here.

I received 2 bottles of Periogen free of charge for the expressed intent of giving it a trial and writing about that trial here, I purchased the other dental products, this in no way influences the outcome of the trial, I will write an honest review of these dental products and expect to receive no other compensation for the trial or review.

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  1. I just had a root canal on a tooth that had been injured and had an abscess. After suffering alot of severe pain from the root canal I found the calcium therapy webpage and purchased the calcium zinc chips and the calcium carpule system from Dr. Manhart as well. But, I can't figure out how it is suppose to work. The calcium zinc chips are blue and they come in a little baggie that you are suppose to mix with water an let sit for two hours prior to use. I did that and it has been sitting for two days and the chips have not dissolved at all. Do you know if they are supposed to be dissolved? I have been inserting the calcium zinc chips in my gums around the root canal tooth for a few days and have noticed rapid healing. I was in extreme pain with redness and swelling all around the gums of that tooth, but now it is pink and looks good. I had read about using GSE in my water flosser machine for healthy gums so I bought that and used it. However, I just realized that the GSE has vegetable glycerin added to it. My question is this, if I use it diluted in water to floss with the water flosser, will this still coat my teeth? I can't find any liquid GSE without glycerin. Any suggestions?

  2. I just had a root canal on a tooth that had been injured and the nerve had died which created or caused an abscess. Anyway, I did a search which led me to Dr. Manhart. I purchased the cal/zinc chips and the carpule system for the gums. I emptied the blue chips into the water and let it sit, but the chips are still not dissolved. Do you know if they are supposed to dissolve? Also I had read somewhere on a holistic site that recommends GSE be added to an oral floser so I bought that and have been using it diluted in water. But, the GSE as 67% veg. glycerin in it. Will this still hamper my efforts even if I am not brushing with it? I use tooth powder instead of tooth paste, and have noticed since using the GSE my gums look much healthier, or maybe it's just the tooth powder...I don't know. Have you ever used GSE and are there any glycerin free GSE brands? I have noticed rapid healing of the root canal treated tooth since inserting the cal/zinc chips into the gum around that tooth.

    1. Hi Natasha, thanks for writing, I had to look up GSE to see what it is, it looks pretty good, to answer your question, anything that contains glycerin will keep your teeth from remineralizing, I'd say if it were me, I'd use it as needed but not as a daily thing, maybe use it a couple of days a week and let your teeth remineralize the rest of the week.

      What tooth powder do you use? I like Eco-dent, I've used the peppermint, cinnamon, whitening and tartar control. Been using those for years and prefer it to toothpaste, but for now I'm just using the calcium zinc and periogen products. I've even stopped using my mouthwash, I want to give these products a good try.

      The blue chips, as far as I can tell, do not completely dissolve, it hasn't in mine either, but the water did turn blue, not strong but still blue, most of it dissolved, what I read is if you have more chips left in the bottle, you can add more water. Did you use bottled or distilled water? I went ahead and purchased distilled water, my water is well water, it's good but has lots of minerals, wasn't sure if that would affect it in any way. I ordered the carpule system and the kit, which contains the cal/zinc rinse, the chips and the calotion, I noticed that the pink chips in the calotion doesn't completely dissolve either, it says if there are any chips left over, that you can add more water, so I'm not worried about it. I might drain the liquid (and save it to reuse) and chips and mash the chips to help them dissolve more, then add the same liquid back in, don't know if it will help or not.

      I like the cal/zinc chips, it took me a couple of separate tries to get them placed where I wanted them, so far I have only inserted them in the front teeth, haven't tried my molars, I mainly need help on my front lower teeth.

      Have you listened to the audio interview here? It is Dr Manhart, that's how I found out about him, I think you will be interested in what he has to say.

      Please keep me updated as to how this is working for you, thanks so much! If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.

      Oh, I looked up GSE without glycerin, there seems to be one made with ethanol, not sure about that, don't know enough about it to know for sure, just letting you know what I found with a quick search.


  3. Wretha,

    Thanks so much for your answer! I appreciate your response. I have only been off of toothpastes for about a month or so and had been using all natural toothpaste from the health food store for years But, they had glycerin. Now I love Eco-Dent! I use the Anise and Spearmint version as well as IPSAB tooth powder sometimes. Since I posted I have continued to irrigate with my waterpik with 10 drops GSE and about 500 ML of warm water and some peroxide. I lowered the amount used and I only use it a couple days a week. As for the chips, I also have a hard time getting the chips to go where I want them,they break so easily. I just inserted them around the root canal tooth and I noticed when I stopped using them for a day my gums around the tooth with the root canal swelled up again. I used the carpules this week and it seems they comfort my teeth and gums somehow. I have also added liquid calcium citrate to my supplements in hopes that it would help my bone repair and heal. I got my teeth cleaned for the first time in about four years or more and she said I had tons of tartar but no decay so I was happy. (I have lots of fillings in my mouth and two root canals.) I have been using waterpik for a long time and hoped it would solve my problems.... Anyway I tried what you said and mashed up the blue chips and added more distilled water. As a result, they are better dissolved so Thank You :) I will be interested to hear about your results with these products, thanks for posting this information!

  4. Hello Again,

    I just finished listening to the interview with Dr. Manhart, wow! I am really encouraged now. I just wish there were more dentist's like him around that actually care about solving oral health issues. I am hoping that more dentist's will be trained to administer this therapy so it can be available everywhere. Thanks for sharing this !

    1. Glad it helped Natasha, keep me informed as to your progress.


  5. I am really interested in this subject! I will try to listen to Dr. Manhart, but at this time I don't have a good enough internet connection for videos or radio. We are stuck with satellite and it is not allowed or we will be put on slow service. I read so much stuff about health care and half the time don't know what to believe. I use natural sources for most things and thought dental care was not something I could do with natural sources unless I was much younger and hadn't been abused so much in my past life by going to dentist and using toxic products on my teeth. I am hoping it would be possible to save them but have my doubts about that. Excellent post, Wretha!

    1. Hi Kat, if you want to download the show, it's about 25 meg so not a huge download, just rightclick and save the link that says "download", you can also do it late at night and not charged for the download (satellite suks)...

      Hope this is something that will help, it's doing some good for me, my biggest problem is remembering to do it everyday, I'm my own worst enemy :)


  6. I'm interested. I stopped using toothpaste a few months ago. I really just decided to use baking soda for a little while to try to whiten a bit, but read more about fluoride and glycerine and kept going. After a while I noticed that my teeth weren't aching and sensitive anymore, nor are they visibly porous (turning gray after drinking red wine) anymore.

    The Good Luck Duck


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