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Friday, March 8, 2024

Friday, it's time to do stuff!

Things to do today...

First thing was to wake up early enough to attend a Zoom meeting from the company I'm part of. Next had to feed the puppies, well they aren't exactly puppies, Mr Pups is 12 and Sweet Pea is 8 according to the vet. I have to sneak in their antibiotics before giving them breakfast so they will actually eat it. Next was to feed hubby, since it's the end of the week, all the fun to eat convenience foods have been eaten already, I'm also just out of a lot of things in my pantry and fridge, so I had to improvise. Not a problem usually, but I had the makings for dirty rice, a dish that PB traditionally doesn't think he likes... he ate some recently and has decided it's pretty good, so I made another batch today, still need to work on the recipe, and since I don't want to test it myself (I fast everyday and don't eat until after 3 at the earliest), I had to rely on PB's description of what it was missing, I'll give it a go later today and see for myself.

Now for the rest of the day, I'm going over to a friend's house to "service" her composting toilet, yeah I know, but that's what friends are for. She hurt her knee and isn't able to do the dirty job, so I am doing it. It's honestly not that big of a deal, I'm more "worried" about digging a hole in our rocky ground out here, cleaning out the poo and rinsing it isn't a problem... I'll hang out with my friends after that. At some point today, maybe before I leave to go to my friend's, I'll grab my new vacuum and hit the floor, I almost hate to do it right now, the pups are sleeping so soundly... if they don't wake up while I'm getting ready to leave, I may wait until I get home.
How is your Friday going?

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  1. Hi Wretha,
    I write this on the day I am going to give a short sermon and a few words in memory of a mutual friend who passed away in January of this year. John Wells- you will remember him as the author of The Field Lab blog/you tube, from out here in the desert of west TX. I was rereading abit of his Testimony on the blog back in 2012 and the comments, one of which was yours. You were one of those who were supporting of him as he spoke about WHY he was now posting Bible quotes on the blog. Anyway, just wanted you to know, you might go read his last couple of months journey as he found out about his cancer and passed away a few short months later, resting in peace in Our Saviour Jesus in Hope of the soon coming Resurrection. If you want more info, reply here as I will watch for it. Or email jdbhills@gmail.com
    John D Baxter like you, off grid, near Terlingua in this beautiful desert

    1. Hi John, thanks for letting me know about John Wells, I didn't know about his passing, if you read my latest post from 5-13-24 you will understand why I didn't know until just now. It is sad to hear of his passing, but being a fellow Christian, I have no doubt where his eternal soul is now. I never actually got to meet him, I had always hoped to run into him in one of my surrounding towns, but it never happened. I learned about John shortly after we moved to our off grid life back in Dec of 2007, we heard an interview on Marfa Public Radio and looked him up. I felt a kinship with him as we were basically doing the same thing as he was doing, just in a slightly different place.

      I just checked out your blog, I noticed you haven't written much for a long time, I am also guilty of that myself, trying to be better about writing here :)

  2. I just stumbled onto a list of some blogs I used to follow. We have a place down near terlingua, but don't get down as often. Too many tiny homes popping up.


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