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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pizza night!

Tonight we had pizza, it's great to have something that does not come out of a can! It was different and it was good. I made and cooked the pizza dough on our wood burning stove, I made about a dozen 6 inch pizza's, I took the blank pizza's to our neighbor and finished assembling the pizza's, I used tomato soup for the sauce, I used dry italian seasoning, dried beef and cheese. We ate pizza until we thought we would pop. It's also nice to get to watch some TV, though I really don't miss it much, I do wish I could keep up with more national and local news, it's OK that I don't know everything that is going on, probably keeps me sane! :)

The last couple of days were windy, last night, we were sleeping and a gust of wind blew through, sounded like a freight train! We both came awake from a sound sleep, fortunately it didn't get any worse than that, it was a while before we went back to sleep. The next morning, things were in pretty good shape, a few things got blown over, but nothing major. The wind blew pretty hard most of the day. but the sun was shining so the batteries were able to charge up, that is a pretty important thing for us, one cloudy day is not bad, but 2 or more cloudy days in a row can make it hard to have movie night! The next few days are supposed to be windy, but clear, so we will be just fine.

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