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Friday, March 14, 2008

Dogsitting and water...

Well, today is a beautiful (but windy) day, I spend the day at my neighbor's house dogsitting, so today was a TV and internet day, honestly I took a fat nap during the day, but it was good to get to watch some tube and surf a little.

Last night, I came over to my neighbor's house to get some water, once I got back to my cabin, I noticed the water looked cloudy, it smelled OK, but really looked a bit muddy, I called my neighbor and told him. He is on well water, and is reported to have one of the best wells out here.

Today, when I got over here to dogsit, I tried to do some laundry, but the water intake on the washing machine kept clogging up, the water still looked a little cloudy (though better than last night), there were lots of things floating in the water, we barely got one load of laundry done and gave up, we figured there was a disturbance in the water, maybe someone is drilling a well upstream from us or something like that. Later on in the day, the water quit running all together.

We waited for our neighbor to get home, and started looking at the well house, it seems that there is a reset button, they pushed it and the water started flowing again, the pressure is not as good as it should be, and it still looks a little cloudy (floaters) to me, hopefully it's something that can be fixed easily.

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