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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

America's Redneck Test Kitchen...

I mentioned having an ant problem. we have another insect issue too, flies. Since we have to keep every window, door and any other openings open, the flies freely come and go, mostly come in, as far as I know they never leave. Yeah I know, we gotta get more screens up, one thing at a time...

Once the sun comes up, the flies start appearing, they buzz by your ears, face. land on you, just basically irritatating... I looked up some homemade fly catchers, I found ones that use clear plastic bottles, you cut the top off, insert it, lid side down into the bottle, you need something inside the bottle that the flies like, set these around and wait for them to fill up. The idea is the flies are attracted by the bait, crawl into the bottle, eat until full, they fly up, the problem is they don't go back to the middle of the bottle where they came in, they just keep beating their little hairy heads against the top of the bottle, where they can't get out. Muahahaha (evil laugh!)

Now to America's Redneck Test Kitchen, I made 5 fly catchers, I placed a different bait into each one, I want to know which one works best. Here is what I placed in each one:

vinegar and sugar
leftover chicken (with a bit of water to keep it from drying up)
leftover cinnamon roll (with a bit of water...)
poop (with a bit of water...)

Yes, that last one is real, I have to know! I set these all side by side, a veritable smorgasboard for the flies, they have their choice now, dairy, sweet & sour, meat, dessert, and poo.

I'll post the results as they come in.


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Anonymous seth said...

LMAO.....good post...too funny

May 27, 2008 1:40 PM

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