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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fellow Bloggers

I would like to point those of you toward an interesting blog, that is if you aren't already a reader of this blog, it's http://journeyinthewoods.blogspot.com/, it's written by a man named Tys and it's about he and his wife Melissa. I first "met" Tys on a Yahoo group all about composting toilets, I hadn't yet made the move to my high desert mountain home, I had many questions about composting or sawdust toilets, Tys was one of the first people to reply to my queries and had a lot of advice and experience to pass on. He was a big help, and I appreciated it very much.

Since that time, I have found his blog, it's all about his life living "in the woods", he and his wife have carved out quite a place for themselves and have a great time living their lives. They are both very hard workers, you can see pix of them working hard on their projects and having fun. Check them out, you will enjoy it very much, I know I do! :)


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