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Saturday, January 17, 2009

To My Loyal Readers

I have some of the best readers in the world IMHO, some of you have followed me from nearly day one, some of you have just found me... I am curious about how you found me, I have a tracker and can tell where some of you came from (links), but I'd like to know more, so if you wouldn't mind, would you kindly leave a comment and answer the questions below? As always, this is strictly voluntary, you do not have to disclose anything you don't want to.

1. How did you find this blog?

2. Tell me something about yourself

3. Where are you located (feel free to give as much or as little as you wish, but please remember that the whole world potentially reads this)

4. How long have you been reading my blog?

5. If you are a repeat visitor, what brings you back?

6. What would you like to know that I haven't covered?

7. Is there anything about me that you would like to know that I haven't talked about here? (I can't guarantee that I will answer, but feel free to ask)

8. Anything else you would like to add.

I would like to thank each and every person who takes time out of their busy day to visit my blog, you have no idea how much it means to me. :)


Thanks for visiting.


  1. 1) Not sure, but probably a link from a survivalist blog I frequent.
    2) I am moving out to my own 10 acre piece of heaven at the end of January and having a go at building a cabin.
    3)Southeast US
    4) I would say the better part of 6 months.
    5) You give very useful information and are very entertaining as well :)
    6) Hmm I'll get back to you on that one.
    7) I think you have pretty well covered it.
    8) I would like to see some more pictures of the cabin. Maybe some close ups and more of the inside.
    Thanks Wretha

  2. Wretha, I am located in London Kentucky and have followed this blog for some time now. I'm 41 and I live on a small farm with goats, chickens and ducks. I enjoy reading about your off grid life. I hope to be completly off grid some day too. Knowing that you took the leap is encouraging to soo many. I enjoy any of your post regardless of the topic, so please, keep them coming. Your power and water supply posts are probably my favorite. Not really sure how I found you, probably from someones bloglist. Anyway, glad I found you and I love your blog.

  3. 1. Link from another blogger.

    2. 50. retired early. Interested in alternative energy, sustainable living, alternative life styles.

    3. Living in rural NH. About 70% off the grid. Could get by without the grid, but these long cold dark NH winters make it hard. On a small lake. 2 acres of land -half of which is swamp. Good spring water.
    4. 5 months?

    5. Like the updates. Also find it a good way to check the links to some of my favorite blogs. You read about 60% of the ones I do, so your blog is a quick way to check on who's updated.

    6. Do you ever find it too dry and dusty out there? How about the wind?

    7. Do your kids expect to have to put you up in your old age when your crazy experiment runs its course? (or is that just me?)

    8. Curious -how many miles/year do you drive? How many do you consider essential?

  4. From a link at another blog (but not the same one as today). When I first started reading we lived in NE AR but have moved to more central AR in the Ozarks. I'm 43 with 5 kids still at home, 3 grown (at home ages 1 to 16) & married 25 years. Have 2 grandbabies this year. We have 2 acres. Reading maybe 6 months? around the time you posted about the claypot water filters. Had to stop for awhile because everytime I'd get here the page would half load & then freeze my computer. Still does but only once in awhile now. Like reading whatever you post as there always room for more good ideas. Did you change anything that might have made loading the site easier?

  5. 1. How did you find this blog?
    I surfed in from another blog..I began at HermitJim but have no idea how many I hit before I found a link to yours (may have even been on his?)

    2. Tell me something about yourself
    I am the mother of 3 daughters and Nana to 6 perfect grandkids! Those two things are the most important part of my life .. all else is just 'what it is'
    I'm a freelance garden writer, quilter & soap-maker for a living and dabble in several hobbies.

    An avid heirloom seed gardener and activist, I hope to grow all my own food within the next two years.

    3. Where are you located (feel free to give as much or as little as you wish, but please remember that the whole world potentially reads this)
    The Sunshine State. I live on five acres in the country and am just now beginning to live the life I dreamed about in my younger days.

    4. How long have you been reading my blog?
    I just found your blog last night/this morning??? I love it and made sure to become a follower right away so I would not lose the address!

    5. If you are a repeat visitor, what brings you back?

    6. What would you like to know that I haven't covered?
    I haven't had a chance to read everything yet so I couldn't venture a guess here.

    7. Is there anything about me that you would like to know that I haven't talked about here? (I can't guarantee that I will answer, but feel free to ask)
    Shouldn't we have drinks first? LOL

    8. Anything else you would like to add.
    Yes, thanks for popping over to my new blog! I was feeling quite lonely with my 2-3 followers. :)

  6. 1)It has been so long now I don't remember. I think I saw a link on Mayberry blog.

    2) I am in the home state of our next crappiest VP Biden. I am a city dweller making my stand with my family of 4.

    3)Refer back to 2!

    4)Since the early days, when you first started working on the blog and the cabin.

    5)IDEAS IDEAS IDEAS for my stand at my place.

    6)There is I would love to see a guest post by Mountain man Bob, or a good interview with him.



  7. Wretha...
    I found your blog in a link from one of the others I was reading.

    I'm recently retired from retail, planning a move to the Big Bend area of the Chihuahuan desert in Texas with no water, power, or towns closer than 30 miles.

    Right now I'm located in Houston, but soon to be gone.

    Been following your blog for several months now.

    I come back cause I like keeping up with your adventures and because it gives me an insight as to what to expect to some degree.

    I think you have covered most of the pressing issues.

    Just keep on posting, and I'll keep on reading!

  8. Wretha,
    1. Just surfing or from another blog. i read alot of blogs similar to yours.
    2.Married 4 kids mostly grown except for a 3yr old. 44 years old still planning my own escape from the rat race but will have to win the lotto first.
    3. Live outside troy missouri in a subdivision on 3 acres.
    4. Been reading since you started i have only commented once before.
    5.Just interested in how other people live. i like learning from others experiences.
    6.nothing that i can think of just keep going.
    8. More pictures are always good. I find the solar youtube thingy at the begining of your blog annoying i would move it to the bottom or side.

  9. Hi Wretha.
    You signed the guest book on that "simple solar homesteading" website of Lamar's, and from there I found you here.
    I am from Alberta, Canada. I find the lifestyle you live kind of interesting. I plan on doing it sometime and see how it goes. I have checked your site out a few times, but hav'nt got right into it yet, just kinda read a little here and there. Do you ever get tired of it?

  10. 1. Followed the link from another blog
    2. I'm 31 - married for 7 years and have a 9 month old son.

    3. Central coast of California

    4. Just started reading - I'm always fascinated with people who manage to live off the grid and I'm anxious to cruise your blog and learn more about your lifestyle :)

  11. 1. I don't remember exactly, but it's likely that I found your blog from reading a comment that you left on a blog that we both read, and followed the links here... :)

    2. I don't say that much about myself more than what I put on my blog, but I love to learn new things, which is a continual process.

    3. I recently revealed that I live in Idaho, and boy, is it cold this winter!

    4. I would say I have been linking to your blog since I found it--6 or 7 months ago.

    5. I like to read about what you do--ties in with my answer to #2.

    6. I'll just look forward to what you choose to cover next.

    7. ditto #6--just glad you blog.

    8. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  12. 1:web search on living off grid
    2:50 yr. old father of four and grandfather of one
    3:South Florida(Treasure coast)
    4:since April, i think
    5:come back for updates on your offgrid life, and for help and info
    6:whatever you want to share
    7:see #6
    8:I enjoy your blog, am waiting patiently for the day i get off grid

  13. Hi,
    I found your blog by signing up for Google Alerts for "mountain blogs."

    Google Alerts makes things so much easier.

    I love mountain living, so am interested in reading about what others are doing.

    I'll be checking back often.

  14. 1. I like reading gardening and homesteading blogs. I followed a link from the blog of one of your readers. Sorry, I do not remember which one.

    2. Something about myself - here's the part that's relevant to the topic of your blog: I was a single mother. Found it impossible to do a good job of both running my law/CPA practice and raising a kid. So I gave the CPA part of the practice to my business partner, shut down the law part, and my daughter and I moved out to a piece of "trash" land in the sand hills about 45 miles SE of Austin. I built a house (with my own hands and a few tools) from adobe bricks and scrounged lumber (I had to buy sheet metal for the roof, but most of the materials for the house were free). We were somewhat self sufficient. I grew most of the vegetables we ate; raised chickens for eggs and meat. Also raised goats for a while, but I found them to be too much trouble. I absolutely hated not being able to take a warm bath, so one of the first things I did was install a system to provide running water. Had solar panels to run a DC pump. Our only water source was silty water from a pond; I built a small water treatment plant so we could have clean running water for bathing and household use. And so forth. It was a great experience and, surprisingly, it made me a much better lawyer & CPA when I started doing that sort of work again after my daughter grew up.

    3. I am in south central Texas.

    4. Just now found your blog.

    5. I will come back, because I like what you're doing and want to see what happens next. :-)

    6 & 7 - I'll have to answer these after I've read more of your blog.

    8. Thanks for taking the time to share your adventures!

  15. 1. Googled "living off the grid in the chihuahuan desert" and found your blog. Yay! I'm always on the hunt for others who have gone before me. I'm a pathetic pioneer, but a great follower and my expertise is in copying what works for others.
    2. I'm Gwen. Live in Alpine, Texas. Moved here with my husband - spur of the moment - from Houston on a wing and a prayer and absolutely no safety net. Best decision we ever made.
    3. See #2.
    4. 5 minutes but getting ready to dig in.
    5. My first visit, but I will repeat visit because you're living the way I wanna live.
    6. Not sure.
    7. Ditto #6.
    8. Glad I finally found your blog! I'm always seeking info from people who've done it, especially if it's DIY and on the cheap.


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