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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another Pump & Seal on eBay

Here is another Pump & Seal listed on eBay, it is starting out at $6.00 with $6.75 shipping.


It appears to be new and complete. The seller looks pretty decent, over 1000 , all positive feedback, hmmmm, I just looked at the seller's other items, might be worth a look, they might combine shipping... :)

I still love my Pump & Seal, these are a rare item found on eBay.

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  1. almost subscribed to your blog, because years ago i did something similar to what you're doing - then i saw the ad for e-cigarettes...They are as deadly as the others. I can't believe that people are that stupid - they are totally determined to finance these corporations - dummies!
    I'm an affiliate marketer too, but I'm very careful which products I promote, because they reflect on me.
    Healthy off grid living and e-cigarettes?

  2. Well Eva, everyone has choices to make, I personally don't smoke, my hubby does (unfortunately), I agree that the e-cigs aren't good either, but they are in fact, safer then the real thing, these only contain nicotine, you don't get all of the other toxins like tar, carbon monoxides and the other poisons from combustion, and for someone who is wanting to quit smoking, they can be a quite effective tool, so yes, healthy off grid living and e-cigs can be compatible.

    I'm not so grand to consider myself a corporation, perhaps I just misunderstood that part of the comment, I'll just ignore the rest of that line.

    We all have choices to make, either read my blog or don't, I would hope you would read my blog based on the content of what I write, not based on how I choose to try to earn a bit of money.

    Either way, I wish you well.



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