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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's All Mayberry's Fault

I blame Mayberry, it's all his fault. Now with that out of the way, here's what's happened. I found Mayberry's podcast site, I listened to his first podcast, it sounded pretty good, this is something I have considered doing for a while now, but wanted to find a free site to host the files, thanks to Mayberry for doing the legwork and finding a great site, I have officially started podcasting now. You can find my first podcast here: http://offgrid.mypodcast.com/index.html

You can listen here:

To listen to all podcasts go here:

Go there, if you want to, listen to my first podcast, it's pretty short, 10 minutes long, I would appreciate any critiques, I'll try not to breathe on the mic in the future, it's something I know happens and I dislike hearing it too, though that's not too bad. I would like some input as to the volume, is it too loud? Not loud enough? Or just right? I'm using a new USB headset/microphone set, so I'm still tweaking the settings. If you want to hear more podcasts from me, leave comments with questions and/or themes for future shows. I can't guarantee that I will do regular shows, just like this blog, I'll do more podcasts as the inspiration hits me.

I will also try to get PB to participate in future shows, he likes to talk, he is a much more natural talker than I am, we can do some shows together and that will be fun. So, give me some ideas about what you want me to talk about, ask questions, give me some feedback. Thanks everyone!

Oh, another thing, Mayberry and anyone else who decided to try podcasting through this site, it's possible to change the look of your podcast page, I was able to add some extra stuff on my page, change the look, colors, backgrounds, width and such of the generic page, if anyone wants help doing this, just holler, I'll be glad to assist. One thing that I found you can't add is Google Ads, they already have a Google Ad on the top of the page, since it's a free service, that's a fair exchange, but I found that you can add Amazon links, so if you are an Amazon affiliate, it's easy to add Amazon links. Again, just holler if you need help.

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  1. you sound great I love it, I am looking forward to your next one. I hope you don`t mind I posted the link on my facebook site.

  2. Thanks craftycountrymomma, glad you enjoyed it, feel free to post links wherever you like, even on Facebook is fine.


  3. Wretha,
    I've been living totally off grid (solar electric) for 24 years now.
    I visit your site from time to time to see how you're doin'.
    I enjoyed your podcast debut and will stop by more often.
    Anxious to hear what Mt Man...er...Primitive Bob has to say :)

  4. For once, I'm glad to be at fault, ha ha! Good job Wretha, and thanks for the plug. Looking forward to hearing Primitive Bob too....

  5. Thanks Northwoods, wow, 24 years off grid, PB, don't know what he will de-evolve into, can't get much more primitive than he is now and still be human by today's standards... :)

    Mayberry, thanks, it must be nice to be blamed for something that you actually did AND are proud that you did it. LOL

    I'm working on PB to do a show with me, he wants to, most of the time, I just have to catch him in the right mood and do it. Can't wait to hear your next one.


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