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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mud Bug Fun

We live in the high desert, mountainous area of far west Texas. We don't get much rain most of the year, though we get more than other parts of the desert. We do have a rainy season, referred to as a monsoon, that's still a strange word to me, it conjures up images of rain forests, south America, India and other, far away and exotic places... but we do have our rainy season, and it is called a monsoon.

We also have miles and miles of unpaved, dirt roads, our terrain is very hilly, sometimes steep hills, with lots of  S-curves thrown in for good measure. Mix the unpaved roads with lots of rain and you get stuck vehicles. We have a particularly bad spot just up the road from my place, we have to transverse it if we want to get in or out, oh there are 2 other ways to go, one is very steep and rough, only to be used in extreme conditions, the other has an even worse place to get stuck in the mud, so it's not used at all when the conditions are wet. The main route, with the rather sticky S-curve is a bad place to be when it is wet, the road though that part contains a lot (a LOT) of clay, very little gravel, and since it's an S-curve, you can't make a running start at it. Therefore, most people who try to go though there while it's still wet, will almost always get stuck.

A couple of weeks ago, I got stuck in it with a friend, we ended up sideways in a Suburban, it took some doing, but we finally got ourselves unstuck. Last Saturday, I was working at the Country Store, PB called me to tell me that someone was stuck in the mud on that S-curve, a full size pickup truck, he didn't know the people in it. PB asked me if there was someone I could call to go help them, there wasn't anyone, the two peopke I know that could have helped were not home.

So PB went back up there with the Bug, hooked a tow strap to the Bug and the pickup, then he pulled the pickup out of the mud. I wish I could have seen it, it is quite a site to see a little Bug pulling a full sized pickup!

Fortunately, one of the people in the truck snapped a few pix of the action, here they are, enjoy:

Thanks for sending the pix! :)

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  1. I can't help but smile a little when looking at the pics! What a story for the truck owner to tell!

    Glad you have the pics to back you up , just in case no one wants to believe the power of a Mud Bug...!

  2. Yeah, I waited until they sent the pictures to me before I wrote about this, who would believe that without pix?

  3. Those Bajas are really great off grid vehicles. I used to have a super beetle and it was great in the snow.

  4. My 1991 3/4 ton 4x4 Suburban has Wrangler MTR-Kevlar 235-85R-16; plus I have two sets v-bar chains.


  5. Ditto HermitJim!!

    PB will treasure those pic's and the people probably were very grateful to get out of that mess.

  6. Of course with the title, I was looking forward to seeing a LOT of crawdads in West Texas! LOL!!

    Forgot about the off road bug.


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