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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Contest Ends

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, please give me a few days to pick the winner, I have had internet problems, going to get some new equipment on Monday, I hope. and that should end the internet blackout (for me). I also have some family members visiting this week, my sister, her husband and their daughter.

I'll pick out a winner from all those who entered asap.

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  1. Enjoy the company, and don't worry about us! We'll be here when you're ready, my friend!

    Say "howdy" from the Hermit to everyone...OK?

  2. Thanks HJ, finally got my internet back up and running, late in the day on Tuesday, after 2+ weeks of having no internet at my place, I'm happy again!

    My family are leaving on Friday, it's been great having them here. I have been surprised and amazed at how well they have done, I'll write more about it soon.

    I'll do the drawing for the book giveaway soon, very soon. :)


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