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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Harbor Freight Coupon Link

I just received this in my email, it's a coupon for solar related items at Harbor Freight, they have the 45 watt solar panel kits on sale for $199.99 in this sale, plus a lot of smaller solar powered items.


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  1. We are lucky to have a Harbor Freight nearby so I can check out the quality of my purchases. Very seldom do I not buy as I feel most of their products are worth the money. Not superior quality but well worth their asking price. I have been buying from them for 40 years. My first purchase still works today.

  2. Ginny Crandall has left a new comment on your post "Harbor Freight Coupon Link":

    Thanks for posting. I just have one quick question: does harbor freight carry ammo? I am looking for some for my husband for his birthday, but I am not 100% sure where to get it....Any help you can give me would be appreciated, thanks!


    Ginny, I chose not to post your question directly, but indirectly, you asked if HF carries ammo and said you weren't sure where to buy it, but you inserted a link on the word ammo to an ammo site, this looks like spam, smells like spam and probably tastes like spam, so I'm going to assume your question with the embedded link was a clever attempt to spam my site, I will say it's the most clever way anyone has tried to spam my site, I might make a spammer award, if I do, you will certainly be at the top of the list.

    If you want to know if HF carries ammo, you can go to their site and find out.



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