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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bonus, sort of...

Have you ever heard the phrase "The Lord provides."? Well, I can tell you that He does, I had an extra paycheck show up this week, normally I have direct deposits, and I was paid on the 29th of July as normal, then a few days later I received a check in the mail from the company I work for, it was dated Aug 1, and the hours were slightly different from the one from last pay period, I was pretty weirded out about it, I have received random bonuses before, but never an entire pay period worth of pay. I initially thought they might have duplicated my paycheck, but since the hours were slightly different, I knew that wasn't the case. No matter how I tried to add things up, I couldn't figure out how or why they were giving me this check.

I went into town yesterday, I took the paycheck to the office where my supervisor works, I wanted to find out what it was all about before I deposited it, the company I work for has messed things up before (not in my favor though, and not my supervisor, she is an angel, so is the current office manager) and I didn't want to be accused of accepting a paycheck that I didn't have coming. When I walked through the door, the office manager smiled at me and asked if I had received a surprise... turns out that earlier in the year, I had turned in a bunch of time sheets at the same time, yeah I'm terrible at keeping up with those sorts of things, somehow one of them had gotten mishandled and I never got paid for it and I didn't catch it. They were doing an audit and found the time sheet that I hadn't gotten paid for and sent it in.

I really needed that extra check this time, I am so glad they caught the mistake and took care of it, I'm also glad that I checked it before depositing it, that makes me look good to them, honest, and being a caretaker I need to be seen as honest, too many caretakers steal from the people they take care of, I just found out about another lady I know whose family member received the same service from the same company, she discovered a bunch of money missing from her bedroom, she can't prove it was her caretaker or exactly when it happened, but that is the only other person who comes to her house. I am an honest person, to a fault, so anytime I can prove it to the company without a doubt is a good thing. And besides, if I hadn't talked to them and just sent the check in, I would have worried about it, worried that it might have been a mistake and eventually they might have caught it and thought badly of me for taking it. Now I have a clear conscience and a bigger bank account. :) I also keep up with my time sheets better, and turn them in on time.

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  1. im the same, last month i was overpaid, rang the pay office and then i had to pay it back, they paid out twice on a public holiday. I do know a caregiver who got accused of stealing money then the new care giver found it slipped down behind the bed ($1000)I like to think things get misplaced, dont like to think someone would take something that didnt belong to them, but alas not everyone has the same integrity

  2. It's a shame that people who need help the most are sometimes taken advantage of. I agree that it shows honesty on your part to doublecheck before depositing the check.

  3. Honesty is ALWAYS the best road to take, you did good Wretha. Absolutely great to read about good people and good deeds. By the way, you're an angel too.. not too many people can do the job you do and do it lovingly.

    Blessings to you and yours.

  4. Brendie, that's exactly why I didn't want to deposit it before asking, and I don't think this particular missing/stolen money was misplaced, it was a jar full of change, at least it had been full, apparently when this person (the owner) went to this jar looking for money so they could buy bread and milk, there was only a few pennies left, all the rest of the change was gone, this person lives very close to the edge, I can't imagine taking money that doesn't belong to me, much less nearly everything in a change jar. Of course all of that is second hand info, and one of the reasons why I'm being so cryptic about all of it...

    Thanks Granny, I had to check, otherwise I would have worried about it...

    Oh Sassy, blush! I enjoy my job, it helps that I was friends with my lady before I started working as her caretaker.



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