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Monday, June 25, 2012

Could It Be Working Already???

PB and I have been working on the sky castle, his daughter, son-in-law and their two boys are coming out for a visit, basically a long weekend. I've been faithfully taking the serrapeptase, the first 2 days I've taken 2 pills (80,000 units total) first thing in the morning, I had no side effects, so on the third day I took 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills before going to bed, I also got PB to take 2 pills last night. He will be a little more challenging because he starts drinking coffee with creamer and sugar first thing in the morning, this HAS to be taken on an empty stomach, at least 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything but water, or 2 hours after eating.

OK, so today, while working on the sky castle, moving furniture, stripping beds, going up and down the hill with laundry, I've been working my arms pretty hard. I checked my range of motion in my painful arm/shoulder and I noticed that I can move my arm a lot more than I could before, it still hurts, but not nearly as bad. I am not taking any other medicines, not even using DMSO on it, though I have been thinking about using it too just to speed it along. PB is really loving the DMSO and regularly asks me to apply it to him. We also sent a couple of bottles to PB's mom and brother, they love it too, PB's mom just asked for another bottle to give to a friend. Soooo, I'm thinking the serrapeptase is working, I had read that you would know by the time you finish your first bottle if it is working for you or not. I'm sure I'll be ordering more of this.

Last week, I was in Abilene TX, drove a friend to a doctor appointment, while there we took advantage of the vast number of shopping locations to get some much needed goodies. First thing I have to say is the people in the bigger towns have clearly lost their ability to smile, not all of them, but a great number of them have. I have gotten so used to living in a tiny town where everyone smiles and waves whether they know you or not. That aside, we found a store called Drug Emporium, if you are lucky enough to have one of those near where you live, you have GOT to check this place out! They carry regular drug store stuff, plus really inexpensive supplements, vitamins, health foods, it appears that much of what they have is close to the expriy date so it's marked down sooooo cheap, and the choices, they carry so much, it was like I died and went to health food vitamin store heaven (without the dying part). :) Oh and the employees there were so helpful, they seem to know their stuff and where it's located, I am impressed.

I snagged a small bottle of almond oil (for my skin), a bottle of GSE, a bottle of DMAE liquid, and some other stuff, it was really cheap, and I don't mind if it's getting close to expiring, that will give me incentive to use it quicker. I tend to want to save stuff, not to use it up, and that is just silly, I shouldn't waste it but by not using it, it's the same as wasting it too. The DMAE and GSE is good for skin (externally) as well as taking it internally. I just opened the bottle of almond oil and rubbed some on my skin, it really soaked in well, it doesn't feel greasy, I think I'm going to like this stuff :) I found a recipe on line for a natural scrub, it had sea salt as a  base, then oil and lemon and orange oils. I'm thinking I can do something similar with Epsom's salt, almond oil and orange oil, perhaps I can also put in some DMAE and GSE... I've been drinking lemon water every morning, so I have all of these lemons that I can zest and use in the scrub too. Thoughts and ideas... :)

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  1. I wished I had known that Wretha you could of called me and we could of met girl.!You should of stopped by H.E.B. thats my favorite store.Next time hollar at me lol

  2. Thanks for the invite Annnightflyer, unfortunately when I'm going to town like this, I'm always driving someone to doctor appointments and we tend to be on tight schedules... my part time neighbor where I live has been asking me to visit when I'm out there and it hasn't happened either... :)


  3. Oh too bad well maybe one day LOL.P.S. Name is Amanda.We are still looking for property and don't have an idea yet where.We might end up going back east.

  4. Replies
    1. I'm still here, just had to take a side trip to Fort Worth, sick daddy. I'm planning on heading back west to the mountains this weekend.


  5. Replies
    1. I'm here, had to go back to Fort Worth for a while, now I'm home, I'll be posting a new message soon with updates on everything.



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