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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another Trip, Now Home Again...

Just got back late last night, was gone for 2 days to Abilene with a friend who had a followup with a doctor (it was good news!)...

Got in some good shopping, did I mention I really don't like shopping? Yeah I know, I'm female, I just didn't get the shopping genes. My sister got the jewelry gene and the some of the shopping gene, I got the cooking gene and the off grid/pioneer gene. :) Although I will say that of her family, she was the one who jumped in whole heart and enjoyed herself in our primitive way when she would come out to visit.

I did go to one of my favorite stores, Drug Emporium, it's really a discount super store for vitamins and supplements as well as a fully stocked regular drug store and more. I wish they had one closer to me, even in Odessa would be nice, it's just a bit too far to go for now, but rest assured I will hit that store any time I have the opportunity to go out there.

They had moved everything around since the last time I had been in there, this time my friend and I had more time to look around, we went up and down each aisle in the vitamins and supplement sections. I had hoped to find one of those capsule machines (to make my own pill formulations) but they didn't carry those, they did have the empty capsules but I didn't buy those, probably should have but decided I'd buy some online at the same time I buy the Capsule Machine.

Those Capsule Machines are great, while I was in Ft Worth, my brother showed his Capsule Machine to me, he demonstrated it and it looked so easy to use, and the money saved by buying supplements in bulk powder form and filling your own capsules is sooooo much, it's unbelievable! And I know what is going into the capsules, no fillers or other chemicals. I'll be ordering one asap, I'll give a full review and maybe even make a video when I get it. I plan on getting Ginkgo Biloba, turmeric extract, citocholine, and a few others that I can't think of right now.

While in Abilene at the Drug Emporium, I purchased some B-12 sublingual drops, another friend of mine is about to start B-12 injections, it's amazing what can go wrong with your body if you are low on B-12. I also picked up a big bottle of castor oil for my skin. And some emu oil, mainly to use on my shoulder with DMSO. I have used it 2X now and it seems like it works pretty well, it at least takes some of the soreness and stiffness out of my shoulder. It did help me sleep better last night. The last 3-4 nights (before last night) I haven't used DMSO on my shoulder at all and I could sure tell it. I had some cream with emu oil in it, but I wanted some pure emu oil to use, I wasn't completely comfortable with the other ingredients in the cream, DMSO pulls these things right into your skin (if the molecule is small enough), so for me I wanted to get some pure emu oil so that I wouldn't have to worry about what else is in it.

That's it for now, I'll post more details on the Capsule Machine when I get it.

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  1. Glad to see you posting again Wretha. There is a man near me who sells Emu oil as his business. It seems to work really well in healing skin conditions, burns, etc. Thanks for the info on the capsule machine. I will have to look into that for my medical supplies.

    1. Thanks Amy E, that is great to have local access to emu oil, buy it and use it, it is for more than just topical use, it's great for deep muscle problems too. I'm about to put more emu oil along with DMSO on my shoulder and go to bed, it really does help me sleep better, otherwise my shoulder hurts just enough to wake me up off and on all night.


    2. Do you have any prices for what this man sells? I would be very interested, especially if I could get a better price.


  2. Wretha,

    Since you've taken and interest in making your own Capsules, I thought you might find my wife's blog on the subject of interest. Check out.

    1. Thanks Tim, I'll add her site to my reading list, I love learning about what other people are doing with herbs and such. :)



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