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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Scratching That Itch

Have I told you? I have this itch, and sometimes it gets really bad, I've had it most of my life, at least as early as I can remember... sometimes it goes away for a while, but it always returns, and here lately it's been pretty bad...

What is this issue? Well, it's art, I have really wanted to get back into drawing, a while back I purchased a big box of crayons, yes the ones that kids use :)

I have, in the past, used crayons to draw what would be considered "fine art", ie it wasn't kids stuff, and it has turned out pretty well if I do say so myself. I would like to start working on some "local" art, subject matter of the local area, cactus, local wildlife and such. Yesterday and today I worked on a lion face, I know that African lions are not a local animal for me, I just love their look and have drawn them before using crayon. Here is the picture I just worked on, you can click on it to make it large:

Sorry about the watermark, I don't expect this picture will go viral and people will probably not print it out and sell these as original artworks (LOL), but perhaps someday if I get really good, well who knows. :) Let's just say I'm covering my posterior just in case. I'm not sure if I am done with it or not, I might go back in and tweak it more, I'd like to add more darks to the picture.

I have been following some crayon artists, those who really do "fine art" using crayons, they somehow manage to get richer colors and darker darks. I'm beginning to figure out how they are doing it, using another medium like ink (pen and ink or markers) or perhaps watercolor for the black, but some of them say they used only crayons, so I just don't know for sure... here are some links to their works:



If I read it right, the second one is the son of the first one, they are both fantastic artists!

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