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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Quickie Update on the MP3 Player

A quickie note about my new mp3 player, I'm still getting used to it, the physical size of the unit is great, the storage size is good for me, the interface is taking some getting used to, it's not as intuitive as I think it should be, either that or I'm just used to my old Coby... the text on the screen is tiny, I can barely read it without glasses, a bit of a problem when I listen to it at night in bed, I suspect once I get used to the interface that will not be a problem any longer, with my old Coby I didn't have to really look at the screen to know what I was doing, I had the interface memorized and I instinctively did what I did... with this new one, well I'm sure once I use it enough my fingers will learn what to do without having to really look at it so much.

I do like the fact that the battery lasts so long, I haven't even begun to put a dent in the first charging. It also functions pretty well as a voice recorder, last Sunday in church I used it to record the sermon, I also used my laptop, the laptop had better sound quality, but there was nothing wrong with what was recorded on the mp3 player.

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