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Friday, April 25, 2014

I'm baaaaack, again :)

Well, again it's been a while since I've been here, sorry and thanks to all those who check back in from time to time to see if I have really forgotten this site. :)

Much has happened since my last update, I mentioned before about our community's churches taking turns hosting the Christmas and Easter programs, Christmas was at the other church, this year Easter was hosted at our church, I was pretty excited about it, we had 10 people in the choir (half from each church) and we sounded pretty good, after the Easter service (which was mostly singing) we had a big breakfast, it was quite fun, and filling :)

The two major things that have happened since writing last, our chest freezer-fridge conversion died on us, the actual freezer (not the external thermostat), I was working online one day and heard some strange snapping/popping sounds, I got up to investigate and found smoke coming out of the back of the freezer, I shut off the power immediately, it was one of the most vile odors I have ever smelled. I am very thankful that it happened during the day and I was here when it happened, I don't know if it would have gone any further, but I have to assume that when there is smoke, fire is usually what happens next.

So for the next month or so, we were without a fridge. It isn't a major problem we have lived without refrigeration before, it's an inconvenience to be sure, but not a deal breaker.

The other thing that happened was our deep cycle batteries were just about on their last leg, it got bad enough that it was messing with the inverter, causing it to shut off and go into fault mode at random times during the day, it didn't seem to happen at night, only during the day while the batteries were charging. It also did a strange thing, when the fridge would come on, everything would be fine, but when the fridge shut off, it would cause the inverter to shut off and go into fault mode. It would only stay off for a few seconds and come back on, I suspect that MAY have been what caused my fridge to die, or it could have been that freezer was old (it was used when we got it) and it was its time to die.

We did get another freezer (I'll write more about it later) but didn't want to hook it up until I had fresh batteries, couldn't take the chance of losing another fridge if that was what the problem was before. I finally got a fresh set of true deep cycle batteries, golf cart batteries (I'll write about those later), we have them installed, hooked up and they are working like a charm, the fridge is hooked up and running like a charm as well.

I'll post a detailed article on the new fridge and batteries soon, I promise :) Oh and I'm thinking about a re-design on the old blog, it needs a facelift.

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