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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Memorial Day, family and heat!

Holy moly it's hot! OK, I really can't complain, much, our summer is honestly pretty mild, and the heat doesn't last that long, about a month to month and a half, then the rainy season hits and just like that, summer is over. And it's "dry" heat, being in the desert, there isn't much humidity which makes the heat we get much more bearable... And the fact that it almost always cools off at night is a plus. In fact, it often gets cold at night, so I am able to sleep well.

One of the ways I escape the heat is to go under the SkyCastle, being partially buried underground, it's cave like properties means it's cool during the heat of the day, I can't wait for that space to be finished so we can spend more time down there.

I had a visit from my daughter, her husband and 2 of my grands over the weekend, it was nice, though I wish it had been a bit cooler during the day. We didn't do a lot, mostly just visited. They live less than 2 hours away so it's not difficult for them to come out here. We had a BBQ on Saturday evening and we all went to church on Sunday.

Another fun thing we did was we went scorpion hunting. I have several UV LED (blacklight) flashlights, the scorpions light up like a kid's cheap glow in the dark toy. My daughter and I found 3 scorpions near the SkyCastle then later all of us found a couple more of them at the neighbor's house.

I spent Monday recooperating from the visit, I enjoyed it, but I also need my quiet time. I am about to go to sleep, I have a rather lite week at work this week, a nice change from the insane schedules of reset season. Next week picks back up again.

I hope everyone had a thoughtful and enjoyable Memorial Day. I am ready to get back into my semi-regular routine 😊

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  1. It's nice to see you back. We're getting so much rain my pond might overflow. Can't weed so I sew.


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