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Saturday, May 21, 2022

New Digital Devices

Well I hope everyone is doing OK today, I did something kind of fun, my devices have been aging, some well, some not so well, so I decided to upgrade to the newest Samsung phone and tablet. I have the phone now, I've had it a few days, it was real easy to transfer everything over from my old Samsung phone, it was funny, it seems that all of my Samsung devices knew I had a new phone, it was very much like a family gathering around a new baby. 

Anyhoo, I've been in the process over the last few days of setting up the phone the way I like it, the way I want it to look, the way I want it to work, and I've made some decisions, I decided not to install a couple of apps that I had on my old phone, mainly in the social media realm, the two biggest offenders being Facebook, and Instagram. 

I figure out that I can access them on my desktop through Chrome, I can log into them there, without having to have the app. I believe the apps are a lot more intrusive, for example, and I'm using this example very loosely, I can discuss purple tomatoes, and an hour later, I have ads on my Facebook app for purple tomatoes, now they tell us that they are not listening to us, and trust me I have not done a Google search for purple tomatoes, and yet there are the ads are, popping up in my face saying look at me, look at me... So I'm going to see how this works now using the browser to log in and access those two specific apps, and see just what happens. 

Something I noticed was going on with my last phone, I have a driving app call Onmyway that tracks my driving without me being on my phone (gives me points), I also have an app that will shut off anything running in the background, so I noticed that every time I would start up the driving app, Facebook would also become active in the background, I would shut Facebook off, and I don't mean just minimizing it, I mean actually forcing it to stop, on a few minutes later it seems the driving app has pulled up Facebook again. 

I have searched high and low to try to figure out why this driving app is also starting Facebook in the background, and I can't find anything about it, no one else seems to have said anything online about it, I'm not real happy about that, so if the Facebook app is no longer on my phone, then no other apps can pull it up and have it running in the background for whatever reason. 

Am I paranoid? Probably a little bit, do I have a reason to be? Probably. I'm not ready to give up Facebook, at least not yet, I do use it to keep up with family and friends, I also run a handful of groups, it's nice to have around.

So my new phone, it is the Samsung S22 Ultra, the phone itself is physically pretty big, I'm going to have to dig out my old LG v20 and see if it's the same size or bigger, this looks like it's a little bit bigger, definitely heavy. I want to get back into phone photography or they call that, phonetography? Whatever it's called I enjoy doing it, and have seriously missed having a phone with really really good cameras and really really good apps to take and edit the pictures.

I am hoping this week to get out and get some good pictures, you will see them when I do. So tell me, did you jump on the new Samsung devices bandwagon? If so what did you get? Do you have it yet? 

When I ordered this phone I was able to get a few accessories to go with it, so I ordered this silicone case, I'm not extremely happy with it oh, it does protect the phone, I feel a lot better about it if I drop it while it has this case on it, and I like the color, it's kind of a light olive green color, easy to put on easy to take off, the thing I don't care about is it's actually is kind of slick, meaning as I'm holding this somewhat heavy phone, I feel it slowly sliding through my fingers, so I ordered a couple of new cases, they were fairly inexpensive so I didn't mind ordering two, I'm hoping to find one that I really like, these two cases seem to have some extra texture or something like that on the edges the side edges so that I don't feel like I'm going to drop my phone. 

So this phone the Galaxy Series it seems that they have combined it with the Note series, so it has a built-in S Pen, and I've had a really good time playing with that. The pen itself is rather small, which is fine, to fit inside of the phone you need something small, I do wish it had some sort of a texture on it, it is somewhat slick but since it's lightweight oh, I don't worry about it dropping out of my fingers.

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