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Sunday, July 24, 2022

The SkyCastle has dogs again

It's been a year and a few weeks since my baby girl Zoe had passed, she was my dog, and so much more than that. She was a rescue, and absolutely everything I didn't want in a dog, I wanted a long hair female chihuahua like I had when I came out to far west Texas. That little chihuahua Pekoe is buried next to the garden in what has become our pet cemetary. 

I knew after Zoe had passed that I would want to get another dog, but I've learned not to actively look for one, I knew the right one would drop into my lap. I wanted a chihuahua and was determined to get one this time. If you have followed my story for any time at all, you will know that I loved my Zoe, even though she wasn't a chihuahua, I also loved Casper, the other dog who decided that he wanted to move in with us about a year after we rescued Zoe, he was already an old man and lived out the rest of his life with us in comfort and love, he is buried next to Zoe and Pekoe.

I have now begun to actively look for the chihuahua I was wanting, and even had a couple of opportunities to get a couple, but each time it would get close to happening, something would happen and the deal would fall through. I am a person of faith and knew that the right one would come along, my "job" was to wait and be ready when the time came.

I wanted a chihuahua AND I have fallen in love with pit bulls, I know they have a bad reputation, but I know them as loving cuddle bugs, I figured I'd get a chihuahua first, then after a year I'd start looking for a pitty.

Last week, I found out a local resident had passed away, I knew him but was not close, he had been in bad health for some time.  He had a (wait for it!) chihuahua and pit bull/boxer mix. His family gave permission for the people who had rescued and were fostering the dogs in to find them a good home, preferably together. When I saw the photos of these 2 sweet dogs, my heart jumped, I knew these were for me.

I posted a reply stating my interest, but I would need to speak to PB about it first, if it had just been one dog, especially a chihuahua, I would have just brought it home, but since this was 2 dogs, and from "circumstances", I decided I needed to discuss it first.

PB was cautiously agreeable, his main concern was how these dogs would behave, especially in the situation they had just come from, I'll explain more in a later post, but let's just say these dogs were stuck inside their house with their deceased owner for at least a week, possibly 2 weeks, they had the potential for physical and/or behavioral issues.

I went to visit with these dogs two weeks ago Sunday after church, I spoke at length with the people who were fostering these dogs. It really only took me a few minutes to decide that they were coming home with me. The people watching them had dogs and couldn't take on any more dogs. 

The chihuahua is named Sweet Pea, she is around 5 years old, she is such wonderful dog, the bigger dog is named Mr Pups, he is an older dog, around 8 or 9 years old. They both have settled in quite nicely, they are already potty trained, they are well past the puppy stage, no chewing, in fact they have not displayed any negative behavior. 

Their first 4'ish days they ate and drank ravenously, they couldn't get enough food or water, that's understandable because of their situation. Now they are slowing down, eating and drinking normally.

We've had them for going on 3 weeks now, I want to write so much more about these two wonderful God sent dogs, but I'll cut it off here and write more about them later. 

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