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Friday, March 27, 2009

Looking For Inexpensive Security Electronics?

Hey everyone, I'm not ashamed to admit that I have been checking out different ways to earn a few dollars with this blog without it becoming obnoxious for you, I found this wholesale company several years ago (they aren't newbies, they have been around for a while, at least 5 years on line), this company sells mainly electronics stuff.

Right now one of my favorite gadgets that they carry is an IR (Night Vision) high definition mobile video/audio recorder, full color, it can record down to 0 lux, it uses a SD memory card, up to 2GB, it has no internal memory so you will need to get a SD memory card but those are cheap enough to get, or maybe you have some laying around now. You can record your local wildlife, see what animal is getting into your trash or garden, you can catch who has been raiding your fridge in the middle of the night... :) You can spy on your neighbors (just don't do anything illegal!), use your imagination, there are hundreds of things you can record, day or night.

This company also carries many other security related items, all types of cameras, IR night vision, motion detection, button hole sized (tiny), corded and cordless... and they have many more electronics at super great prices.

I know that some of you will groan because this company is in China, but in all honesty most electronics ARE made in China, like it or not, even the gadgets that say they are made in the USA, where do you think they get the components? Yes, in China, so let's take advantage of the low prices and get these electronics while the gettin' is good! Who knows when things might get sticky between our 2 countries and bargains like these will vanish...

Another of my favorites is an all in one, touchscreen MP4 player with camera (stills and video), it has 8 GB of memory so you'll be able to take lots of pix and videos. You can watch movies & videos and listen to your favorite MP3s and more. Right now this is less than $60.00 (+ shipping). Get one for yourself, get one for your teenager who is going off to college, why spend hundreds of dollars on something that might get lost or stolen while they are at school? Get one for your sweetie without breaking the bank. This is highly rated on the site.

You will save hundreds of dollars buying from this company, check them out, order a few items, save yourself some $$$s and help support this site at the same time. They have an affiliate program so you can earn some money too (it's free to join), that is what I am doing here, this way you can get the same great deals that I get. They also have a drop shipping program (I believe that's free to join as well), so you can create your own store, sell on eBay or Amazon, you set your own prices and make even more money. I'm not ready to do the dropshipping thing yet, I used to do that, so for now, take advantage of the super low prices available directly from the company. You can also buy in quantity (you save more money that way), and you can resell the electronics to your friends, family, at flea markets and such, the prices are low enough to be able to make a nice profit.

They don't rape you on shipping either, the MP4 player above costs about $11.00 to ship to my location in west Texas, they ship airmail, UPS, FedEx, and DHL, with tracking, you choose which carrier you want to use!

Thanks for looking. Check out the "store" on the right side of the blog, I put up a few items that I thought might be of interest to you survival minded folks. :)

Already have one of these gadgets? Let me know what you think.

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