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Sunday, March 29, 2009

10 Things To Do With Empty Spam Cans

or what else are you gonna do with all those empty cans???

1. Fill with melted wax and insert a wick to make a candle
2. Use as a mold for soap (you can even color the soap to look like Spam)
3. Make a salt cellar, just fill with salt and place it on your table, stove or counter top
4. Make it into a spam musubi mold (aka spam sushi mold) Spam Musubi Sushi Rice Press
5. Fill with sand, rocks or lead and use as a door stop
6. Use it to hold leftover fat from frying bacon (or Spam), place on the back of your stove
7. Fill it with left over change from your pockets
8. Fill with potpourri
9. Popsicle mold, pour in fruit juice (or Kool-aid), cover with plastic wrap, poke in one or two Popsicle sticks, freeze overnight
10. Make a rain chain, take several cans, drill centered holes in the bottom of each can, string on a chain with open side facing up, attach this to your rain gutter in place of the downspout, or use in a water feature

Happy April Fools Day!

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  1. There are some very neat and crafty ideas. Thanks for sharing. Better than throwing them in the garbage and letting them end up in a landfill.




  2. We have cut the ends off of canned foods and flattened them and used them as roofs for the coops and duck house!

    Scoops for pet food, pencil holder, nail on a board and use to sort the screws and bolts...
    just some things we use cans for.


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