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Friday, June 12, 2009

How To Block Feedjit - Final Edition-UPDATE

OK, when I wrote the post about blocking Feedjit, I was on my neighbor's computer, this morning I blocked Feedjit on my computer, I went to a site that uses Feedjit and sure enough it did not show my visit, but at the top it still showed my town name, GRRRR! The good news is, I believe that only shows on my computer, not on anyone elses, but that still wasn't good enough, but with a bit more digging, I figured out how to COMPLETELY prevent Feedjit from working, period, no matter if you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Firefox users, click on
.............(cookie) Exceptions
In the box, type in the website you wish to block and click "block", here is the list of everything I added:

That might be overkill, but I didn't want any version of their site to get through.

Next I use an addon called NoScript, you can find it here
Besides being great for a multitude of things, you can tell it to always block certain sites, I went to the feedjit.com site, I clicked on the NoScript icon on my page and told it to block feedjit.com, next I told it that feedjit.com is an untrusted site. Now anytime I go to a website that uses the feedjit widget, their widget doesn't even appear on the page, it never loads, therefore it never shows anything about me!

I just found an even simplier Firefox addon called YesScript
If you want to use that instead of NoScript, then use it, I prefer NoScript, but YesScript may be easier to use.


IE users, go to feedjit's website, then on your browser click on

.....Internet Options
...............Restricted Sites

In the box, make sure it shows the feedjit website, if it doesn't, be sure to type it in, then click "add". You should see *.feedjit.com and http://*.feedjit.com, if you don't, type it in manully and click "add". Now when you go to any site that uses the feedjit widget, it will not even load, therefore it should never show you as a visitor.

If you are using any other browser, I can't give you detailed help, but there should be a way to block specific websites in the options.

Take THAT Feedjit!


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