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Friday, June 26, 2009

test post

Test post, my blog has been "locked" due to possibly being a spam blog by Blogger, and it is in danger of being deleted within 20 days, per Blogger, I have completed the proper form to unlock this blog, but it seems that I am not allowed to post anything. I am testing that now. Click on the pic for a larger image.

Why in the hell would my blog suddenly be locked? I'm not saying this is a conspiracy, but darnit! It sure looks suspicious. I have been running this blog for over a year and a half with no problems, and now when I post a couple of articles that get lots of hits, boom, my site is locked, IE I can't post anything. Apparently the site is still visible, I just can't post a message.

I am testing this right now to see if this message goes through. The date and time of this posting is: Friday, June 26, 2009 at 1:37 pm CDT

OK, it seems that my test post came through ok, they are just making me type in a captcha code before I can publish, but they are is still the threat of deleting my blog in 20 days. I hope Blogger does their job and clears this up.

Oh and if you don't believe this has happened, click on this link:
That is my Blogger ID. OK, now that it is unlocked, that page just says this blog is not locked, this is the URL they gave me though when it was locked.

After reading about how blogs are classified as spam, I just learned that it is not only their spambots that identify possible spam blogs, blogs can be flagged by people, I wonder if that is what happened? Did a live person flag my blog? If so, who did it? Some private citizen who doesn't like what I'm writing about? Or maybe someone else?

Oh, and to the person who questioned whether or not these government agencies have indeed visited my blog, yes, I have proof and post it in previous messages, I use a tracker on my blog and that's how I know they have been on my site, along with a plethora of other government entities, most I'd say are benign, it's the one from the dept of homeland security/border patrol that makes me nervous, the fact that they are the ones who sent the letter, yeah, I think it MIGHT be related. I mean, seriously, why would they be visiting my blog?


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  1. Maybe move to wordpress?
    Blogger's got some odd terms in their agreement anyway.
    Also, maybe take a look at blogger's export feature so you have a backup in case things do get deleted.

  2. Thanks yaufob, I have looked into Wordpress, but didn't care for it, I am happy with Blogger, with the exception of this bump in the road.

    I am aware of the export feature, and I am going to use it, asap, probably right after I post this.

    Your blog is pretty cool BTW, check out my other blog about things that go bump in the night.


  3. I will say that there has been a time or two on new blogs where I mean to hit the "FOLLOW" button up top and instead hit the "FLAG" button.

    But even I'm not buying THAT excuse.

    Who knows. I have a tinfoil hat somewhere around here... :)


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