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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Government Sponsored Healthcare

Here's something fun, government sponsored health care, our fearless leaders would like to force upon each of us, whether we went it or not, what ever happened to free choice? Even if we aren't forced to take it, it will most likely become unfair competition to the current insurance companies that could force the independent insurance companies to go out of business.

Here is one solution, how about we make it a rule that the members of congress who vote yes on this must give up their insurance and accept the government sponsored insurance? I think that is fair, how about you?

Go here to read about it and voice your opinion about this.



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  1. I and my friends and relatives (all voters just not for this crowd) have expressed the same sentiments.

    If it is so great for all of us it should be mandatory for President (and his family), all Senators and Representatives, all Supreme Court Justices, all federal judges, and all government employees.

    It would either get done right are they would say forget about it 'cause they don't want to give up their health care!

    And neither do I! And I pay for mine they do not.

  2. I think that it should be absolutely mandatory for the Congress to have to participate since they say that it's a good idea. The fact that they expressly exclude themselves from participation shows clearly that they know it is inferior to the system already in place. If they don't want to participate, it shouldn't be on the table.

  3. Hey Wretha! how is it going in the house? Please do an update on living off-grid, huh? how is your garden, and the weather, the power system, etc. How is your garden dealing with the desert fauna?
    What do you guys do with the garbage in your 'stead?

    It would be nice to see some new updates on the main subject of the blog. Let us know how the summer's been faring so far, etc. Is the Bug still running?
    The politics is nauseating ad infinitum everywhere.
    The 3rd main reason for me to go off-grid is to forget that politicians and washington,DC exist. Heck, I am not a native from the mainland USA, and I love this nation (and Texas) more than half of those Senators and Reps.
    You guys can be either left-leaning or right-leaning, Liberals or Conservs... It does not matter! ALL of the power structures do the same shenanigans regardless whether it was Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., or Obama... the same ol' song and dance, and I aint shaking my bum to that rhythm anymore.
    Don't you all get tired of the same power play between Reps, Dems and Independents? With the Media serving as MC's or DJ's... heck if you want to raise some hell go the the MSM websites and start leaving comments on the news articles... they sure pay attention to that if you do it in big enough numbers. That is what caused the news-coverage turn-around back in Sept 2008 when Bush&Co decided to "bailout" the sharks @ wall. People responded in OUTrage in the news websites and the media, being the entertainers that they are, changed the tune accordingly to a more accusatory stance...
    Anyway, the reason I'm going to the desert is to precisely forget about all that and let them eat themselves.
    I figure, if I do not have anything "of value" to them, living in the desert in "worthless" land to their eyes, being self-suficient so they can not attach a value to anything I possess, they will leave me the hell alone. Sure there is no escaping Tax man in the shape of county tax assessments, but those are still somewhat reasonable for desert land.
    To rough it and make it on your own, to later try to shout down from the tower in heaven to the lost flock, to me that is a waste if energy and braintime. The reason to be a survivalist or an off-gridder, to me, is to cut from the shackles of servitude to society's power structure, and simply not care about it. Otherwise it is akin to water the plant's leaves, but not the roots.

    Anyway, ... love your blog, when you talk about the happenings in your neck of heaven, and post some updates!

  4. Thanks TexasMan and AP, my thoughts exactly!

    Texrican, I am working on some updates, pix and videos coming very soon! The garden is good, the bug still runs, it's been hot during the day, but it cools off nicely at night.

    I too wanted to forget about politics, I was never one to be into politics, BUT, when it's something that WILL affect me and mine, I have to say something. I have worked hard to keep politics out of my blog, but TPTB have forced themselves on me with the cigarette thing. I hoped to escape the long arm of TPTB by moving off grid, but it seems that by writing about all of this, I have attracted the attention of some of certain legal branches, specifically the DHS, the USDA, the census bureau, the Social Security agency and more, they have all visited my blog at least once, most on a regular basis, weekly if not daily.

    It would seem that by circumventing the economy by going off the grid, that makes me (and anyone else who does this) suspect in THEIR eyes, possibly a threat, even though I have done NOTHING wrong, being independent is not a good thing for them, I am paying far less taxes (I DO pay my taxes, just not as much as I would if I were working a job or two and being a consumerist), I am not relying on government handouts even though technically I am at the bottom of the income/poverty level, and what's worse, I am telling other people, through this blog, how we do it.

    I'll keep things as non-political as possible, unless it's something that will directly affect me, then I will shout it from the rooftops.

    Owning and living on "junk land" is no guarantee that they will leave you alone, it's not the land that is valuable to them, it's your freedom and independence that is far more important and threatening to TPTB.


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