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Monday, July 13, 2009

Pump-N-Seal Super Sale

All gone now.


OK, there are 2 left, they are on eBay and they have bids, here are the links



Wonderful news! I just received an email from a reader who has 5, new in the box, Pump-n-Seal units for sale, she is going to be putting them on eBay for $20.00 (+ shipping) each, but for my readers she is willing to let some of them go for $15.00 (+ shipping) each, just send her an email and she will take care of you.

For details email Hazel @

You will need to pay with PayPal. I wouldn't wait around for this, she is listing them on eBay and if they sell there first, you will lose out.

This is a great deal, these go for nearly $40.00 if you buy direct (well worth every penny)! If you have been wanting one of these and you have been putting it off, now is the time to act, for all of you off gridders and those who would like to be, a Pump-n-Seal can't be beat for food storage, I absolutely love mine and use it frequently. Read my previous reviews and messages about the Pump-n-Seal.

I'll edit this message when they are all gone.

Thanks Hazel!


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  1. I wondered how far down the page I had to go. Since I had already read all of those I just kept on going to the very bottom.
    Yep and there was Wretha. Clicked on the pictures and
    when I got back up to the top a video clip!
    Interesting. You even got your reflection in it!


  2. Not sure if my comment made it. Challenged one here.

    But pictures nice and so was video.

  3. Hazel emailed me that all were sold so I bid on one on ebay.
    Mrs. Olson


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