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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Grandma goes TEOTWAWKI

I ran across this article today, it’s about a grandmother who has made the active choice to protect herself by prepping for an uncertain future. She made changes in her lifestyle to help her get through any tough times that might come her way. I say with tongue firmly planted in cheek, this grandma has gone all TEOTWAWKI, all I can say is, you go granny!

I don’t agree with everything in this article, such as the parts about making a big deal about people stockpiling guns as a result of the potential coming problems, yes, many people who have their eyes wide open do have guns, I don’t see that as a bad thing or even a shocking thing. I really dislike the spin the media puts on people owning guns, like it’s a bad thing, as if it’s out of the ordinary. Main stream media, please stop making people who own guns look like they are crazed fanatics. The other thing I don’t agree with is the “end of the world” thing, the world isn’t coming to an end, and if it did, it wouldn’t matter, none of us would be here to worry about it, now it is quite possible that The End Of The World AS WE KNOW IT is coming, and those who are prepared will have a better chance of surviving than those who think the government is going to save us, just ask the Katrina victims.

I also don’t care for the term “Doomsteads” in reference to those who are trying to go off grid and/or live off the land, ie being more self-sufficient, it sounds too drastic, doom and gloom and all, I certainly don’t consider myself a doomsteader, nor do I consider aany of the other survivalist I know to be doomsteaders.

I feel sorry for Kathie’s family, they think she has gone overboard on this, her husband left, her DIL worries that she has gone too far and is depressed, I’d bet almost anything that if/when TEOTWAWKI happens, they will all be on her doorstep asking to come in and wishing they had listened to her. JMHO.

I am happy though, that the main stream media is starting to focus on the more normal people who are trying to get ready for what is coming, too often they focus on the crazed, wild eyed, backwoods man and/or his family wearing rags, living in a shack with no running water, it’s about time that the main stream media realized that we are real people, normal people, living simple lives, consuming less and getting by just fine, we are happy, we are healthy, we have everything we need to live and survive.

‘Recession Apocalypse’: 
Preparing for the End of the World

In the serene hills of rural upstate New York, Kathie Breault is hunkering down for doomsday. It’s not an all-out Armageddon that the 51-year-old grandmother is convinced of, but an imminent economic apocalypse.

A few years ago, Breault began reading about what happens when the world surpasses “peak oil” — a point where we will use more oil than we can produce.

“I was afraid that any day that oil would disappear, that gas would start to disappear, that I wouldn’t be able to get to work, I wouldn’t have money, I wouldn’t have food that I needed,” she said. “It was frightening — the picture that was painted.”

Breault and a growing number of so-called “economic survivalists,” are convinced that when oil supply wanes, the world will head for calamity; governments and the global economy will dissolve into chaos and collapse, the group believes, changing life as we know it.

“Everything that we do in our lives is dependent on abundant, cheap energy — all the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the transportation. We’ve lost everything that we know about how to live in a different way,” she said. “I’m totally dependent on a system that I think isn’t going to be there in the future.”

To prepare for a looming catastrophe, Breault began eating healthier, walking four miles a day and biking. She lost 100 pounds as a result. Getting rid of her TV and credit cards, she slashed her monthly expenses and now heats her entire house with a tiny wood-burning stove.

“It gets cold, I wear a hat to bed and I wear lots of layers. I wear long underwear all winter,” she said.

Breault’s survivalist lifestyle marks a radical departure from the consumer-driven life she used to lead. “I was in the malls — big Christmases, big holidays. Every weekend, I was entertaining my family, we had great get-togethers, lots of food. I took trips to Mexico and Ireland and across the country, conferences. Eat, drink, have a good time,” Breault said. “I had a wonderful life. I traveled where I wanted to, I did what I wanted to, and I bought what I wanted to. And I overconsumed.”

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