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Monday, August 17, 2009

My Guests

Today was a good day, I had a wonderful visit from Seth and his son, Jamen. We planned this quite some time ago, (I'm good at keeping secrets)... It finally happened today, woohoo!

I met Seth and Jamen out at the entrance to the community and led them in. Seth is a good navigator, he was able to figure his way around the community rather quickly, it's easy to get turned around on these roads.

Once we arrived on the property, I gave them the nickel tour of the skycabin and the property. They seemed to like what they saw, at least they put on a good face. :) They took lots of pix inside and out, I'll post them as soon as I get copies. Seth made the comment that the property is steeper than it appears in pictures and videos, yes, the verticality does not come across well in pictures or video, but they got to experience it first hand. :)

We ate a good lunch under a makeshift roof that Mountain Man Bob put up for our comfort. Seth's son, Jamen made a super dip and popped it on the fire as we were waiting for the coals to heat up. It was very tasty! I cooked some cheeseburgers and some hotdogs, we ate until we were stuffed.

After that, we sat under the metal roof, it began to rain and thunder, we had a nice little shower, fortunately it was a small shower and was quickly over. As if on queue, a young buck mule deer showed up, actually he had been hanging around hoping for a handout, I had some left over burger buns, I tossed a couple out and the deer walked up to eat the bread. He posed nicely for Seth and Jamen while they snapped pix.

The rain seemed to be over, more importantly the lightening was done, we took a stroll in the backyard, up the mountain. We didn't climb up all the way, we just went up far enough to see the area better. Seth's phone began to ring, he had network coverage the whole time, his son's phone has no bars... Seth uses Verizon, Jamen uses AT&T, hmmm, I wonder where the Verizon network people were hiding... LOL

All good things come to an end, and it was time for them to leave... I rode with them up to the Country Store, they needed to get fuel, the store is closed on Monday, but fortunately I have the key so for them, the store was open. A full tank later, they drove me back home, we said our goodbye's and Bob and I watched them drive away.

We had a really good time and look forward to the next visit.


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  1. First thing every morning I check to see if Wretha has posted something. First new photo access and now visitors. Sounds like y'all had a great visit. Bob's brother, your brother, just great friends?

  2. Thanks TexasMan, it was quite the good visit, Seth and Jamen are friends and welcome to come back by any time. :)

  3. Hi Wretha, sent you an email with pics. We sure had a great time out at your place. My son and I both had some "ah hah" moments being at your place. Then getting to see my own property, those same moments came back as clear visions as to what can be done, along with other possibilities. Was an awesome experience, and along the way, we made new friends. THANKS so much!!!

  4. Good times with good friends (even new ones) makes for great memories.