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Monday, November 16, 2009

Beans, Beans and More Beans

I am about to log off for the night, but wanted to tell you, no, tease you with an up and coming post I am working on about beans. Specifically pinto beans, I am working on a 2 part experiment with them. Thanks to a friend who loaned to me a piece of equipment that is making this experiment possible,

Beans plus corn grinder equals less cooking time
minus moisture (dehydrating) equals instant refried beans

My toes are getting cold, it's time to crawl in the warm bed... :)

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  1. That should be an interesting recipe. Cooking beans in a warm bed!?

  2. Always gload to get a recipe using beans! How can it be bad? I love 'em!

  3. I love me some beans. Looking forward to your new recipe.

    B.T.W., I checked out one of the books on your DIY Sonsors area, and will certainly get it, and probably a few others. Also, some of the free e-books in the previous post.

    Thanks for running a great blog!

  4. this sound real interesting, did you say instant refried beans? just add water type? cool

  5. Grind dried beans, especially beans so old they are too hard to boil or pressure cook. Mix bean meal, corn meal, bits of meat, onions, cayenne, turmeric, etc to make pancakes or mush.
    If you will dig the dakota fire pit and start the fire, I'll dig up the cache, grind the dried beans and whole corn in the Corona corn mill and cook a quick meal of pancakes or mush. The longer since our last meal the better it will taste.

  6. You should try and cook them in a thermos. just boil water pre heat the thermos. then bring your dried beans to a boil and pour into a thermos. start it in the morning and let sit all day or even over night for the next evening. That should cut down on your propane use. The thermos should still be piping hot in the evening especaly if you have a steel double wall one. Thay now make them with wide mouths that makes them easer to clean with sticky foods. good luck


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