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Friday, November 27, 2009

Big John's Radio Show

I have some exciting news, I am going to be a guest on Big John Libscomb's radio show. The date and time are December 14th (Monday) at 7pm central time.  We will be discussing homesteading, our life as lived 100% off grid in the high desert mountains of far west Texas. It's a call in show too, so call in if you want to ask me anything.

I feel so honored that Big John wants me on his show, I "found" Big John just after his last radio show went off air, I was disappointed that he was going away, but figured he had good reasons for it. Now it seems that Big John is ready to start that back up again, I am thrilled that this is happening and that I will be a part of this too.

Thanks Big John! :)

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  1. Hi Wretha,
    I saw you appear on the Wisconsin prepper site that I host and I thought I would stop by and say thanks and howdy!
    Stop by and join in any time.
    Congrats on the invite to be on the radio! That is so cool.
    Wishin I was off grid and out of the beast,

  2. Thanks HUP, I have your blog bookmarked, I'll definitely be back. :)
    Getting off the grid isn't as hard as you think, of course we didn't own a house to begin with, all we had was an old mobile home on a rented lot, that was easier to walk away from.

  3. Holy crap! How cool.. Able to post the podcast of the show?

  4. Hi, Wretha
    Thats cool about your radio show. I think I missed it. but I was wondering if you could suggest a size of water storage tank for a one person water catchment system. how many gallons of storage do you suggest?

  5. Survival Chick , thanks! and yes, you can download the podcast from Big John's site for 24 hours at no charge.
    OGT, no you haven't missed it yet, it's coming up on Dec 14, that's a Monday, starting at 7pm central time.

    As far as how many water tanks you need, that's real subjective, depends on how much water you plan on using, I know you are going to be living in Terlingua, you will get short bouts of water coming down, sometimes lots of water, but not year round, so you will need to maximize your water storage. I believe that John Wells has at least two 3000 gallon poly tanks, plus a variety of smaller tanks.

    I know it's difficult to figure how much water you might use. We estimate that we are using about 200 gallons of water a month on average (for 2 people). All we are doing with that water is drinking, cooking, washing dishes, spit baths. We do laundry, take showers and such at another location. We also do not have a septic, nor do we use flush toilets. We use a bare minimum of water compared to what most people use.

  6. Hey, Wretha, Kellan here. I've been out of town now for a month, yikes. Say I don't see any info on where this radio program aires. Did I miss something. Is this an internet radio show?(which,I'm sorry, is not really radio). I could be back home any day. But things(family matters and truck repair) keep coming up. Tell Bob hi for me.

  7. Hi-

    Do you remember that you reviewed my e-book on cook box cooking from pocketsofthefuture.com? My husband and I were his guests on what turned out to be his last show. He was very easy to talk to so you will have a nice time. We enjoyed it very much. Have fun!



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