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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Midnight Snack Gone Wrong

Tonight I went under the skycastle to get a jar of peanut butter. Taking a flashlight, I slipped out the door quietly so I wouldn't wake anyone up (PB or the Pekoe), it was late and all is quiet. I entered the cave like area under the house, it's dark, there are a lot of boxes and stuff down there. Before I entered the space, I check the dirt to see if there are any animal tracks, I an not interested in being down there with any other critters, there is no door, just the opening that goes into the space under the house, I see nothing out of the ordinary. I enter and begin working my way around the boxes and junk under there... then I see it, lying on the dirt, between myself and the peanut butter, a fully intact, (apparently) freshly dead bird, next to the bird is something unidentifiable, it was smaller than the bird, partially eaten, glistening in the light of my LED flashlight... I stop in my tracks, I hear nothing, I look around, I see nothing moving...

...I'm not creeped out by the dead bird, nor the partially eaten unidentifable whatever...

I am however, wondering just exactly what did I disturb that had just been having dinner under there...

I left without the peanut butter...

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  1. I don't blame you for leaving. Did you take a gander the next day during daylight?

  2. Yikes! Heart pounding! That's scary. Could it have been a feral cat??

  3. Probably was a feral cat, we have a bit of a problem with them from time to time, I don't understand why people think it's OK to bring their cats (and dogs) out here and allow them to roam free, especially if they haven't been fixed...

    Last year we found a dead jackrabbit jammed under some stuff under the house, it's head was crushed, that had to have been something larger than a kitty cat, we suspect that was a mountain lion, I've seen its tracks from time to time, that's mostly what I don't want to run into... that or the skunk. I am out at night quite a bit, I try to make noise as I walk around so I don't surprise something.

    I finally identified the smaller dead thing, it was a mouse, I found its head next to its body. The dead critters were still under the house today, I removed them with a shovel.


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