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Monday, December 27, 2010


Christmas is over, the new year is about to begin, and life is good!

PB's son, the Marine came out for a visit, he is about to go to Japan for a couple of years.

My son is about to get out of the Army, we hope he can come for his first visit (out here) soon after that.

We had another visitor today, I spooked him or her when I went out the door, that's one of the feral donkeys that roam loose out here.

Then there's Pekoe, my little baby girl, she's only 11 years old, though in dog years, that's pretty old.

This is PB's latest project, he made another pair of sandals, they are still a work in progress, but so far they are working pretty well.

This is a good view of the solar panels on the roof. The ones in the foreground are Harbor Freight solar panel kits, we have wire and deer netting over the panels to protect them from hail. The panels in the background are on a frame and can follow the sun, it's a manual system done with a rope strung through some conduit that goes through the roof over the porch.

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  1. Really some great pictures, my friend! I especially like the donkey! May just be one of my relatives!


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