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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Canyon Wren Perch

We have had a little canyon wren coming in and out of the sky castle, we figured out that he (or she, can't tell, so for now I'll say "he") was coming in and out of the space between the stove pipe and the ceiling. I watched him enter and exit the other day, getting in is pretty easy for him, but getting back out is a little trickier, so PB installed a perch for him to make it easier to get back out.

It's so cute having him in the house, yes he does leave little "presents" for us, fortunately they are very little, but he is doing something constructive for us, he removes the stink bugs that collect in the places where we can't reach to clean them up. Plus the entertainment value of this little wren in the sky castle is priceless. :)

I'll try to get some pix and/or video of this cute little bird next time he's inside. I heard him chirping just a bit ago, I believe he is living under the sky castle, so it shouldn't be long before he is inside again.

Here is a pic of what a canyon wren looks like:

Here is the sound of the canyon wren, on the first one, the narrator says that the canyon wren is 6 inches long, our canyon wrens are a bit smaller than that.

Song and some info:

Just the song:

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  1. Oh! That is so precious! I'd love to have him living in my house too! It's great that you don't mind him.

  2. I lived in Seattle once and can hardly describe the joy I found in my daily visits from a Northern Flicker...


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