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Sunday, January 16, 2011


While looking back at the blogs I posted, I realized that I forgot a very good (internet) friend, someone I have followed, and she has followed me, we have helped each other though some tough times, her blog is filled with care, love, strength, mistakes made (we all make em, don't we...), honesty, courage and lots more, and even though we live fairly close by, we haven't met, yet... I know I will get to meet her someday.


Sorry G, I didn't mean to let your link slip through the cracks in my mind... :)

I dug though the bowels of my links and found a site I hadn't visited in a while, forgot how much fun it is to read this one, if you are in need of a good laugh, then go here:
I think the name says it all. LOL

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  1. Hello, Wretha! You are so sweet, a thoroughly authentic soul. I definitely do not feel forgotten by you! Life is busy even when one is attempting to live simply. I usually find myself catching up on blogs at work during lunch break (I stay in at lunch but don't work during lunch), but commenting is difficult with my work computer because of another google account that I must keep live during that time. I feel disconnected when I can't comment. Anyway, my new laptop came in, so I can read my favorite blogs from home again.

    Take care, internet friend. And yes, we will meet in person someday. I hope it's soon.

  2. Thanks for the links, I will check them out. As for forgetting things ,I am the worst!That goes with getting older, speaking for myself. I am a follower , you are welcome to follow my blog as well, Blessings jane


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