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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shower and Visit

Lots of things to report, my shower is finished, well it's finished enough to take a shower in, be sure to click "read more" below to see the entire post...

The end wall is closed in now, though I kinda liked the openness of it and the view, I wouldn't have liked it as much when the temps got cold outside. :)

My son and Dad came to visit, they just left, I took a few pix, here they are:

and here is a video of my Dad and his little dog Baby Girl

There are more things to report, will post them soon :)

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  1. What brand/model of on-demand is your hot h20?

  2. Like the view from your shower. Nice job PB.
    Cool you got to visit with your son and your Dad.

  3. Great job on the shower. Glad you got to visit with your dad and son.


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