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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's Time For Crocheting

I've started crocheting again, I've had the itch for a while now but didn't have the time all summer, now that I do have the time, I'm crocheting a scarf for a friend who is having a birthday at the end of this month, she doesn't have a computer so I don't worry about her reading this. :) She surprised me this summer with an entire set of crochet hooks for my birthday, they are nice hooks too, including all of the small steel ones, all in a nice zipper case, so when it started getting closer to her birthday, I decided I would crochet something for her.

I am learning how to do mosaic crochet with Mosaic Crochet with Lily Chin, it's quite complex looking but easy to do, I'm hoping to impress my friend with my new found crochet stitches :)

I started a scarf, did the chain then the first and second row, then started the mosaic part, I didn't like what was happening though, the scarf was curling around the original chain, what happens is the chain stitch doesn't have the same stretch properties as the following rows, I decided to pull out the whole thing and start over. I had heard about a chainless foundation for crochet that makes the beginning row just as stretchy as the following rows, Lily Chin also demonstrates that stitch in the beginning of this DVD. Here is a video of another crocheter demonstrating the chainless foundation:

I now have the initial row created with this stitch, it took some fiddling to get it right, but once I got the stitch down, it worked just fine, now I have to continue with the scarf.

After pulling the whole thing apart a couple of times, I finally got the scarf going well, I had to decide how to do the pattern for the mosaic crochet, now it's nearly finished, I just need to put a border on it and I'll be done, it looks really great, I'll post a picture of it when I'm finished.

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  1. So want to learn myself.. I picked up a DVD on "how to" just haven't done anything with it.. looking forward to the completed project pic!

  2. Hey Survival Chick! Have you checked out YouTube for crochet tutorials? That's where I get my main fix for crochet instructions, Mikeysmail is a good one to look up. I love watching videos, I don't do as well with patterns, it all starts looking like gibberish to me in pretty short order, but I can follow a video with no problem.

    I'm still working on the scarf, I promise to take a picture when I'm finished with it.



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