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Monday, November 28, 2011

Sink Bathing

Every now and again I think you need to be reminded of where you came from, I got one of those this afternoon. Because of circumstances beyond my control (you'll have to ask PB about that LOL), I had no water coming out of my faucets, we had water, it was just below the level that the pump hose can reach. I have class at church today and a very head full of dirty hair. So, in honor of how we lived when we first moved here, I grabbed a couple of 1 gallon pitchers, filled them with the water from the bottom of the water tank, I poured half of each pitcher into a big stock pot and heated it on the stove then poured it back into the pitchers, it didn't make it very warm, it was just enough to take the icy chill off of the water.

I poured some of the warmish water into a plastic bowl and added some shampoo, I poured that over my hair at the sink, I washed, rinsed, conditioned and rinsed with just a little less than a gallon and a half of water, nice to know I can still do it :)

Now I can go to class with fresh clean hair, and hopefully by this evening I'll be able to take a full on shower.

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  1. cool! I always wonder if we had water restrictions who would do best at conserving!

  2. I've done this before.

    I've even did laundry in the bathtub,son did the agitating. He loved that job. :)

  3. Still do this. My honey has rigged up a great shower system that involves a kiddy pool, the rug outside, a shower-head hanging above the car battery that comes in to ignite the little 3.5 gpm pump (our first) that feeds into the shower head above the pot on the wood stove. Yeah sister, it makes you realllllllllly LOVE being squeaky clean.

  4. Now that my wife and I are spending time on a smallish sailboat, we too have learned to get clean with little water. Plenty of water we sail in, you wouldn't want to bath in.

  5. Makes me think about when I was a kid. No running water and no sewer. We had a hand pump in the kitchen and an outhouse out back.
    Saturdays we would set a galvanized wash tub on the stove with a gallon or two of water and bring it to a boil. Then the tub was set on the kitchen floor and enough cold water added so we could get in it. We tried not to add too much water - not because of water shortage - but because we had to carry the tube outside to dump it.
    Now that the wife and I live in an RV we take very short, very quick showers, to conserve water and lengthen the times between dumping the holding tanks.
    Some things change and some things don't.
    Keep writin' and I'll keep readin'


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