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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This And That

Still working on the water pump, we use a Shurflo 12 volt water pump, a couple of winters ago, the plastic part of the pump head cracked, presumably caused by a super cold overnight temperature drop, we purchased just that part of the pump and was going to install it when PB decided the cracked head was working just fine, it didn't seem to leak and it was pumping water as it should, so we taped the new head (in its package) to the old unit for future use and it has worked just fine, until a few days ago.

Due to a miscalculation, we ended up pumping out all of the water from our small tank and the pump ran dry for quite some time, it was a rare day when both of us were gone, had one of us been home, we would have recognized the pump sounded different and it not shutting off. This pump is supposed to be able to run dry with no problems, it is also self priming, but apparently it was just on the verge of not working and running it dry and allowing it to run like that for a while caused its failure.

Today, PB disassembled the pump, he checked all of the parts, replaced the plastic head and will finish working on it either tonight or tomorrow, he has to find a new screw to replace one that had stripped out, once all of that is done, he will put everything back together and hopefully the water will be pumping again.

I am working on crochet stuff, my plan is to make some things to give as Christmas gifts, we'll see how far I get, I've been so busy, I still work 3 days a week as a caretaker for one of my friends M, and I drive another lady to town once or twice a week for doctor's appointments, shopping and such, D has lost most of her eyesight and can't drive safely anymore, she is one tough lady though, she lives out here in the wild, all by herself, well unless you count her 5 cats :)

I must say that there are several ladies who live on their own out here, they are all tough, resourceful and very smart, they manage to get along in a very rough place with a little help from their friends, we do help each other quite a bit. Right now, PB has gone to D's house to seal up a leaking chimney, we don't get much rain, but apparently it leaks when we do.

We had a great Thanksgiving, we invited 3 ladies to dine with us, M, D and S, they would have all been by themselves on TG and that was not acceptable to me, they all brought food and we had a feast fit for a king, I sent each of them home with a plate of leftovers and a plate of dessert.

In the last 2 days, I have developed a bit of a sore throat, I don't feel bad, well not much, I should be over it in a day or so, I typically do get over these thing pretty fast. Life is pretty good all in all, can't complain. :)

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  1. Sounds like things are going pretty good for you & your Hubby, it is sweet of you to help those ladies out & invited them over for TG you are so Blessed.

  2. Things are going pretty well, thanks CCM, as far as us helping those ladies out, are you kidding? They cook great! Most of the food came from them, it as much a help to me, I barely had to cook anything, you would have wanted them to come over too :)



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