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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blinking, Winking and Nod...

Today is a light day, in a couple of ways, the only place I have to go is to church class (Francis Chan, Crazy Love), I need to study the chapter we are in, the other way things are light is we finally have some SUNSHINE, it's been 2 weeks since I had more than one blink on my charge controller, as of right now, there are 5 blinks, that's 75% charged, after that it goes to a solid green light and I have full batteries. It's been pretty solid overcast skies for 2 weeks now, a couple of times during that week, the sun came out for short periods of time, maybe an hour at most, not enough to really do much, we have needed the moisture, what little it rained and snowed, woke up this morning to a dusting of snow, but that melted off pretty quickly.

One of our part time neighbors (hoping to be full time soon) came by yesterday, Z, he has property around the corner from us, he is clearing parts of his land, mainly to have a place to plant his home, PB went to visit him after church and he came over later after that. It was a very nice visit, he gave us a bunch of firewood, which was very nice to do, it was cut and ready to go, PB loaded up the larger part of the truck bed with wood, and there is more to collect on Z's property. Thanks Z!!!

Finally got to that solid blink, changed the cables over to charge the single (backup) battery, it's the one we use if I drain the other 3 batteries surfing the internet all night long, and yeah, I do that... I almost miss the days before we got our chest freezer/fridge conversion, if I ran the power down, I just shut everything off and went to bed, now that we have food in the electric chiller, I have to make sure I leave enough power for that thing, fortunately it doesn't draw too much juice, it runs once or twice an hour, a couple of minutes each time, with the cold temps we have been experiencing, it barely even runs, I'd like to take the whole unit outside so that it will run even less, but I have to admit, it's convenient to have inside... I have 5 blinks on the backup battery, soon will have a solid green which means a full charge, then I'll change the cables back to the 3 batteries to keep them charged.

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  1. Cold temps, cloudy skies and short days take their toll on my batteries. This is the only time of the year when I'm glad I have backup to the solar. In a pinch, I could downsize the load to fit, but it's nice to not have to quite yet.

  2. Funny, I just read about the author of "Wynken, Blynken, and Nod". A colorful character!


  3. Sounds like you have it mostly all figured out! Good on ya!

    Always good to hear an update from you, my friend!


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